Saturday, September 14, 2013

Career Ending Movies

Career Ending movies
I love these lists that Mojo puts out all the time. This one is interesting because I've covered some of these on the list. Here are my thoughts on some of them on the list.
 The Love Guru, you keep popping (pooping?) up on my blog!
Mike Myers: “The Love Guru”: Holy crap, this is a bad movie. I've ripped apart this movie a few years back. Myers took a lot of time off between Cat in the Hat and this movie only to have it blow up in his face. It should be higher on the list.  Yeah, Myers retreated again after this mess.  This was a guy that ruled the 90s, but let his ego destroy him.
What killed O'Donnell's career?  The Ice Age and this movie.
Chris O’Donnell: “Batman & Robin”: Yeah, his career did bounce back on TV, but I remember a time when he couldn't get the stink off of B&R. This movie hurt a lot of careers. 
What were they thinking?  This was the guy that thought killer plants were the next big thing.
M Night Shyamalan: “The Last Airbender,” “Lady in the Water” : He not only killed his own career, but the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie franchise too. Why did they give him the movie rights after his killer trees movie? M. Night was so delusional that he kept talking about making a sequel. He kept saying that Americans simply don't “get” his movies.  By the way, the studio for After Earth wanted the press and reviewers to never mention that their tent-pole film was being helm by M Night! 

Yes, please shoot the viewer. 
Kevin Costner: “Waterworld” AND/OR “The Postman” : Both movies destroyed his career, but he kept doing baseball movies. How do you do the same exact shitty movie two times in a roll? 

Geena Davis: “Cutthroat Island”: This movie single-handily destroyed her career. She never recovered after this movie and pretty much went into retirement. I find this fascinating because other female actresses have bombed more than Davis and are still trucking along. Look at her IMDB page. She has some many gaps and failed attempts at TV work. You almost have to wonder if she pissed off a lot of people in Hollywood. 
Jake Lloyd: “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” : Great, Lloyd is going to spend more time in therapy now. He's already super bitter about his role. He claims it ruined his childhood.

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