Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hyon Song Wol

Hyon Song Wol
Remember that woman that was allegedly killed by firing squad because she did a porno? Here's one of her songs. This was her “Thriller” song that put her on the map.
By the way, I believe the video comes from a sponsored North Korean YouTube channel. There are some heated discussions going on in the comment section. People want the channel to show an interview with the lady, because the channel is claiming she is still alive. Keep in mind, this still hasn't been confirmed about her execution. However, it doesn't help matters that there were stories of Kim .Jr hanging out with Hyon in very public places and stories being written about them before the execution.
Here's the “wonderful” music video.
It feels right out of the 70s ads with a mixture of 50s thrown in. The kicker is she is the Gaga version of NK pop singer minus the bad music and singing. And, it all seems very tame (white bread) when you it put it beside South Korean pop music, which is just as flashy and dirty as North American pop music.  
Supposedly, there were photos leaked of the “porn” video leaked on the Internet. LiveLeak has some of them, and they're mild and a bit fuzzy. I might still say they're NSFW though. I am not 100% sure.
Anyway, Wiki has a page for her, in the past tense, so check it out. When your wiki page switches to past tense, you're in trouble.

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