Thursday, September 19, 2013

Citizens' arrest of purse theft

Citizens' arrest of purse theft
Note, Zimmerman, this is how you become a concerned citizen. And, no one was shot at the end either.
What's strange about the incident is how “well spoken” the purse theft is in the video. I like how she tries to negotiate with the people holding her down.  You have no bargaining chips when you're being held down.  
Okay, I don't support beating a woman, but she was biting him on the arm. But, she took a few blows to the face and kept on talking smack. It seems like she's been in a few scraps. Also, they're connecting her to a home invasion as well. What makes her a stupid criminal is the fact she had information and cards from the home that was invaded that Monday. That's pretty dumb.
Basically, she snatched a purse while on her BMX bike and took off. A Jimmy Johns guy on a bicycle took off after her and took her down. We got to see the end of it with the video.
Is this arrest record the same woman? It is in the same state and city. It appears she was charged with Domestic violence and resisting arrest.   
And, we all know she'll be out in a few weeks and back to stealing and breaking into houses.  

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