Monday, September 30, 2013

Trolling and Spamming: Ruin it for Wilson Kipsang

Trolling and Spamming: Ruin it for Wilson Kipsang
Yeah, it was an asshole thing to do, but I was almost going to give the guy in the yellow shirt a pass, but I found out more about the story. However, look at the reaction from the guy standing near the finish line. Also, the security guard is pretty quick on his feet too.
The guy that jumped out of the crowd to ruin the event was spamming for a prostitution website. I mean what an ass. It's one thing to be a drunk dashing onto an event and ruining things, but it is another thing completely when you're promoting shit. This type of of viral marketing is shitty and needs to stop.
From Capital FM, ((The intruder was chased by race staff in the finish area before being handed over to police.
A Berlin police spokesman confirmed to SID, an AFP subsidiary, that the man has been charged with trespassing and has subsequently been banned from future events run by the Berlin marathon’s organizers.))

I've gone to the site and it does appear to be a call girl site.  Why connect it to a marathon? And, why ruin a guy's top moment.  

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