Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel: Faked Flaming Twerking

Jimmy Kimmel: You sly bastard (Flaming Twerking was a fake).
Here's the thing; I actually thought it was a fake from the get go, but I didn't post the original in time before the big reveal. Kimmel is great and I am glad he thought this up. I love that people fell for it, including news people. 
Daphne Avalon is the stunt woman involved in the video. She was also in one of those Call of Duty ads.
This is why Kimmel is a 100 times better than Mr. Chin Leno. Would Leno even bother with this sort of thing? Nope, but Kimmel's crowd is more Internet savvy.  Leno would just say, "Hey, did you see this video?" 
 Anyway, thanks for trolling the Internet, Jimmy

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