Friday, September 06, 2013

Random Things

Random Things 
 ~George Zimmerman and Wife breaking up: Couldn't happen to a better guy I say. She is even trying to take away their two dogs away from him. What a way to tug at a guy's heart. Take away his dogs and take away his buddies. Supposedly, George only cares about himself and only stays at home a few days a week as he travels around speeding and getting pulled over. She calls him selfish and I call him an asshole.
Hey, six years is a good run...wait, it isn't. 

~CNN's Crossfire returns: You'll get caught in the crossfire! And, I am not talking about the game neither. Please tell me John Stewart shows up and crushes them again. I also like that CNN pretty much game up on the show after that. He said the show didn't add anything to the issues and was just more shouting heads, and he was right. That happened back in 2004, way before this blog was even born. Don't take my word for it.
~McCain says yes to pot: Seeing a GOP guy stating a mild support for legalizing pot is a good step. We should legalize weed and tax it. It would be a good win for all. It will probably be up to the states to legalize it, but we going in the right direction for this. However, I don't smoke weed, and I believe it will make you dumber over time. But, that's your decision. It is not like some of the harsher drugs out there. Pot doesn't make you beat your wife or go on a shooting spree. And, I've seen booze have a harder effect than weed. Why didn't we see this version of McCain during his run as president?
~Syria and the outcry: I've noticed the protest to attacking Syria. I've changed my mind and now I don't support a strike against the country. There are too many factors to consider before going in. Certain elements from the right don't want intervention and I've seen the posts on Facebook from people from the right. But, here's the thing: Where were these protests when we invaded Iraq? No one from the right protested then. Does it have more to the with the fact it is Obama wanting to go to war?

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