Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project Greenlight More Thoughts

Holy crap this season is turning to be better than the second season. Tensions seems to be higher this season than the second season. However, Chris Moore is missed. I haven't seen his new show The Chair yet. I am actually looking forward to this movie on HBO.
~Matt Damon: As I predicted, Damon apologized for his view on “diversity”. And it is really bothering me with this term “whitesplaining”. Can't a white person have a different view from a black person and not look like an racist? This PC crap is going too far. Don't shut someone down because they're not a part of the group. 

~Pete Jones: It is good to see him again. He looks healthy and really mellowed out. He wrote the original script Not Another Pretty Woman, but he was willing to give it up for the PG director's script. Jones has worked in the Hollywood system for a while now and he could bring out the mini-Tim Burton. I think the PG Director needs to get his head out of his ass.
~Film vs. digital: I am on the side of Effie on this one. Digital will save you a lot of money when you use it. Certain battles you have to give up in order to save money for your production. And, it is Effie's job to remind him that you shouldn't spend that much money on film and you can put it back into the money for something else. 

~Effie Brown: This is where things get a bit heated. While I side with her on the digital debate, she is really starting to piss me off when handling some of the people involved in the projection. You have to handle these type of politics when you are a producer and fight the battles worth fighting.
Peter Farrelly did the right thing. At a certain age, you know you don't have to deal with people like her. People that want to battle with you all the time. When I know I am going to butt heads with someone that is complete opposite from me, I will not speak to that person or make sure they know I will not argue with them further. You have to handle certain battles without the attitude. I think the two directors from the second season fell into this trap too.
And, it should be noted that I am not a huge fan of Farrelly's recent movies either.What's sad is that Farrelly and Brown were on the same page. 
I can't stand Effie not because she is woman, but her handling of situations. Yes, Effie, you've done 17 films, but you still have to work with other people.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fun with Google Searches...

Fun with Google Searches...
After deleted some medical comment spam from my blog, I came across a Google search for a certain movie I truly hate a lot...Battlefield Earth. But it is not a normal search. The search was about one of the dumbest and funniest scenes in the movie.
The cow leg shooting's the actual Google Search ((battlefield earth why cows legs shot?))
Yes, this scene right here. Try not to laugh.
I wish I could explain the scene away in some sort of Xenu way, but I can't. I am not even sure it's in the damn book. I wish I could answer the searcher's question. Maybe, LRH hated cows...
It's like I will forever be connected to Scientology and Battlefield Earth. And, yes I explained the concept of the Space Church (TM) to my boss at work. He didn't believe me until he looked it up. Once you try explaining Xenu to someone, they look at you crazy.

Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar Eclipse
I got in around 4 AM and noticed the sky was extremely bright for a 4AM night. I looked up and the Moon was extremely bright. Like white hot bright. I only looked at it in passing because I feared the light bouncing off the sun wouldn't be good for my already bad eyes.
From what I can read, I didn't catch the Lunar Eclipse, but the aftermath. The Moon was very bright and you could see a lot of detail on the surface. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. But they came out rather badly because the Moon was so bright.
Did I catch it during the eclipse?

By the way, the dates on the photos are wrong it happened today.   

Yes, it was that bright outside.  can you believe it?  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jay Leno vs Kimmel

Jay Leno isn't a fan of mean-based humor it seems

I was listening to him on Joe Rogan's Podcast, hoping I'd like the guy, but he came across as being slimy more than anything else/ I've never liked Leno's humor and thought he was a part of that older “be nice” brand of hosting. While I don't watch too much of the late talk shows, I think the new batch of comedians in the hosting chairs are doing some really good things.
Leno is a dinosaur. His humor isn't my brand of humor and too much like Carson's humor. I like a bit of edge to humor. I think TV is better off without a Leno around. So, it ticked me off when I read about this thing between Leno and Kimmel.
From Yahoo via TV Insider, (("The most [important] element you can have in doing a late night show is kindness," he explained to TV Insider, "because the show makes you arrogant. I think that’s Jimmy Kimmel’s problem." ))
So says the guy that “retired” from The Tonight Show and let Conan take over. Instead of standing by your retirement, you took over again. I call that arrogant. I really like Kimmel's mean streak. It reminds me of Letterman's mean streak. I hate when host just kiss up to guess or not step on any toes.
I love his attack Melissa Joan Hart. I can't see Leno doing that.
Or how about Letterman shredding Paris Hilton? Nope, Leno wouldn't do that either.
From Yahoo, ((He continued, "I think he’s a talented guy, I think he’s funny. But he has a mean streak, and it comes across. He does this thing where he takes Halloween candy from kids and the kids cry. What am I missing here? It is funny I guess, but it’s mean-based. I think that’s why he’s not higher in the ratings." ))
Hey, I think taking candy from children is freaking funny as hell. It's not your brand of comedy, but there needs to be variety in the talk shows ring.
I think Leno is still upset over when Kimmel ripped into Leno on his own show.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kid N Play Cartoon

 Kid N Play Cartoon
Yet another shitty cartoon based on real rap performers. Here's the thing, Kid N Play was popular among the hip-hop fans and MTV folks, but they really blew up with the House Party movie (franchise). That franchise was about two guys trying to get laid at a party with an R rating. So, what better way to connect with that audience then to make a morning cartoon show, right?

I'll admit it; I liked Kid N Play and I loved the first two House Party movies. Actually, they're still funny. Heck, I like their music. But, I hated the show. Plus, they had to add that “magical” element to the show with them locking their shoes together. (Class Act is bad though)
I also like this bit from the Wiki page, ((The real Kid 'n Play appeared in live-action wraparounds of the cartoons, but voice actors took over for the animated versions of the duo. ))
However, IMDB has Martin Lawrence listed in the credits of the show, so I guess he wasn't that big to turn down that role. So, just like Hammerman, the real Kid N Play did the live action wraparounds.
To my total surprise, DIC is nowhere to be found in this production. Marvel and Saban partnered with NBC to make this strange show. Akom  is listed as uncredited .
It does get worst though. Marvel created a nine issue comic book based on the show, not the movies. This had to be around the time Marvel started to hit some money problems.
And, what is up with the stupid dog with the Mohawk and sunglasses.

Side Note: I had no idea there was a beef between Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince/Kid N Play. It had to be the nicest beef between PG-13 rap groups.   

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You Stink, bro

You Stink
 At work, there is a young man that works in my area that really stinks to high heaven. I call him Malcolm X because he's dark skinned and wears horn-rimmed glasses. For some reason, he refuses to wear deodorant. When it gets hots, he stinks like burnt chicken noodle soup and overcooked ass.
I am not sure why no one has talked to him about his smelly aroma.  I got a whiff of his smell yesterday and it made me angry. When someone smells this bad, someone needs to tell them they stink. It comes across as offensive at this point.
I really can't understand how someone can go around stinking and not give a shit about...
"Yo, Malcolm, you really stink."



Yes, everything received a cartoon version of a live action product. Rambo and Chuck Norris had shitty cartoon versions of their franchises. Heck, even Bill and Ted and Kid N Play had cartoon shows. You also had to add some kind of magical element to the show such as Punky Brewster.
Hammer (MC Hammer formerly) was huge at this point, so some dumb ass came to him with a cartoon proposal. Everyone needed a cartoon show back in the day...everyone.
And, DIC Entertainment studio crapp-ily put this cartoon together. I had completely forgotten about the really bad animation. There seems to be frames taken out of the animation, because movements are really jerky. DIC is one of the worst studios ever, but this cartoon is even worst for their standards.
While Hammer does show up in the live action bits, he also does the main voice of Hammerman.
I do believe this cartoon created the fast downfall of Hammer.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 2 of 2)

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 2 of 2)
People often overlook this movie when talking about shit movies, but I think the lacy of this movie has come back since its DVD release.
~“I didn't lay finger on her.” Lenard says this to his butler buddy. This off line now has more meaning now than years ago given all the rape allegations. In the movie, he cheats on his wife with a younger woman. He tells his butler that he didn't touch the younger lady. And, now we know that Bill raped and cheated on his wife countless times.
~Murder by Frogs: Yes, a group of frogs crawl under a car that has a CIA agent. They then proceed to jump in unison, thus lifting the car off the ground. They hop the car right into a body of water and drown the agent. I am not sure why he doesn't swim out. And, I don't have to explain the foolishness of a bunch of frogs being able to life a car into the air either. This might be the stupidest thing in the movie. Who wrote this shit, George Lucas?
~Victoria Rowell as his daughter: Rowell is very attractive, but what was with her subplot? She wants to become an actress in a play where she stripes down completely front of her parents Bill and his wife.  BTW, this is what Rowell looks like today...damn she even prettier.  

~Gloria Foster as the main villain: Foster is more or less a poor man's (woman's) James Bond villain. She is way over the top even for a bond character. She's a vegetarian that controls animals, which in turn will help her kill off mankind and take over the world.  You will remember her from the first two Matrix movies.  She was good in those movies, but horrible here.
~Voice Over by the Butler(Tom Courtenay ): I hated this voice over work, and it is clear that the narrative was only added at the last moment. It doesn't add anything to the overall plot.
~Wheelchair guy Andy: There is something very strange that happens to this character. He shoots at Bill and rolls toward him. He hits the lip of the vat his upper body detaches from his lower body and falls into the goo. Why did this happen? Was his lower body fake?

~Coke: Bill's daughter brings him a sandwich and a bottle Coke. Bill makes sure the camara gets afull view of the logo. You have to remember that Bill was a spokemens for the company. I am not sure if Jello was a sponsor.

~Flying ostrich: The climax of this movie has Bill jumping from a top of a building with a flying ostrich Yes, the damn bird, which can't fly, somehow gains the ability to freaking fly. WTF? I remember watching the movie as a child and being appalled about the damn flying bird.
Yes, this is happening. We also get the butler using under arm rockets. And, this movie ends with Lenard's wife pouring food all over him.
So, is this mess the worst movie I've seen? It is a toss up between this movie and Battlefield Earth. Here, we get killer lobsters, magical beef, queen bees and Bill Cosby. BE was written by a crazy writer that created his whole religion. I torn because BE is trying to be an epic space drama, but Leonard is more of a failure of a comedy. Leonard doesn't know what kind of comedy it wants to be. And not even Cosby supported the movie after he saw the finished product.
However, I am still leaning toward Battlefield Earth being the worst of the two.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Amy's Baking Company Closed, sweet (pun intended)

Amy's Baking Company Closed, sweet (pun intended)
I was watching the Mundane Matt video and he mentioned that Amy's restaurant finally closed . I love that even the yelling guy Gordon Ramsay. At a certain point, Ramsay had enough and walked off. I've never seen Gordon give up on a restaurant like Amy's Baking Company. The woman was nuts and the hubby was “of question connections” if you know what I mean.
From Fox 10 ((A Scottsdale restaurant that gained reality TV notoriety after an appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares" will soon close its doors.
Co-owner Amy Bouzaglo says she and husband Samy Bouzaglo are in final negotiations to sell the property.))
I have a brother that lives in the Phoenix area, I should have had him visit the location before they closed their doors. I can't believe the place lasted this long. I guess people showing up to taste the worst food ever had some limited appeal.
I took a shitty part time job a few years back there was a supervisor just like Amy and I quickly put in my two weeks notice after the first day. I wasn't going to deal with that shit.
Amy and the “gangster” are assholes and they feed off of trolls. So, it will be interesting to see their “Video Game”.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Wait, there is a Taken TV series: First off, did we need three Taken movies? The second one was pretty lame and I didn't bother watching the third one. And, now we're going to see a prequel series being commissioned for NBC, the same network that is bringing back Heroes. I just can't see how this Taken series is going to work. And, will it be a part of the movie universe? The post I listed also mentions the Transporter series, which isn't a bad TV show. However, how does that series fit into the reboot movie?
~Getting over a cold: I could barely walk a few days ago and I was really sick. I can't even remember what I said or did that day. I do know that some sleep meds and a mixture of allergy pills helped me get through it. I now need to get my energy up, because I am tired all the time.

~Jesse Jackson Jr. out of jail. I remember reading about Jesse Jackson's son being arrested and put in prison for misusing campaign contributions. Now, his wife has to serve a year in prison to for her part. I really think both he and his father are corrupt people that have used the civil rights to get rich and haven't really uplifted the black community.
~Pacific Rim 2 has been halted: I thought the first movie was a bit of a letdown with some major plotting problems that really bothered me. And, the movie didn't light up the box office either. I am a little surprised that the second movie was even commissioned in the first place. Now, the studio is putting the new one on hold. I guess China made the first movie such a hit.   

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 1 of 2)

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 1 of 2)
Yes, Bill Cosby has been in the news recently, and we've learned that he is a really terrible guy. So, what better way to take apart the man than to take apart one of his worst movies?
I wrote a review for this notoriously bad movie. I recently re-watched this piece of junk a few days ago. It is actually On Demand on one of the pay channels. The last time I wrote about this movie, it was nearly ten years ago on this very blog. After watching this piece of crap again, I feel need to pick on it some more.
Leonard Part 6 is that fat kid that gets picked on in middle school and you feel sorry for him. You befriend him because he doesn't have friends, and then you realize he's a total spoiled asshole. No matter how much you hate Sandler's latest movies, Leonard Part 6 is way worst than those movies.
Before The Room, there was this steaming pile of poop. It has only recently become famous for its sheer badness. 
Cosby was so a shamed of this movie that he brought the rights to the TV rights just to keep people from seeing it. For years, this movie wasn't seen for years on anything from TV to DVD. Around the mid-2000s, the movie finally showed up on DVD and on TV. I guess he had to pay legal fees for that certain court settlement that happened during the time of the DVD. You couldn't get a hold of this movie on video, DVD or TV. It simply disappeared until Sony released it in 2006. It took the studio nearly 20 years to even bother giving the movie a bare-bones release.
During the time of its release, he went on a press tour to encourage people NOT to go see the movie.
Here's the kicker; I saw this shitty movie in the theater and I remember watching it with my brother and mother. Even as a child, I was in total shock on how badly the movie turned out. I guess I was hoping for the same Cosby we saw in the Cosby Show. We didn't get that. His character was still super rich like the one on the show, but he was bit of a dick. His character cheated on his wife. And, the humor was bit more sexual than on the show.
I left the theater disappointed. Curse you, Bill.
So, why is the movie called Leonard Part 6 and not Leonard Part 1? From the Wikipedia page, ((Bill Cosby plays Leonard Parker, a former CIA spy. According to the opening sequence of the movie, the title refers to the idea that this film is actually the sixth installment of a series of films featuring the adventures of Leonard, as parts one through five were locked up in the interests of world security. ))
Yes, the is set up for only one joke and that's it. Not funny. 
So, how bad can this movie be? Well, with a budget of 24 million, it only made nearly 5 million back. It has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, which it would be fitting if it got a 6 instead. Oh, well. And it did win some awards...sort of.
From the wiki, ((The movie won three Golden Raspberry Awards, for Worst Actor (Cosby), Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay (Jonathan Reynolds and Cosby). It was nominated for two more Razzie Awards, for Worst Supporting Actress (Foster) and Worst Director (Weiland). A few weeks after the ceremony, Cosby accepted his three Razzies on Fox's The Late Show. He requested that the three Razzies he earned be specifically made out of 24 karat (99.99%) gold and Italian marble ))
Is it worst than Battlefield Earth or the Wicker Man? I am not sure.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Women steals from car as own watches and films

Women steals from car as own watches and films
Best line ever “Bitch, stealing all my parts out of my car...” I like that he calls them “parts”. Given that she doesn't even know the owner is filming her, I'm guessing she is either high or drunk.
“You just raided my shit.” Okay, this one was pretty good too. 
There are some many great lines.
The smartest thing he did was to film the whole encounter, because she can't blame him with assault and deflect the crime. Sadly, you have to do this now. I'm surprised how calm he is, because I would have completely lost it.
By the way, a lot of people will just go around a parking lot checking doors for unlocked cars and then grab anything they can to make a quick buck. I saw this happen a few years ago. I think that's what she was doing.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Project Greenlight (diversity)

Project Greenlight (diversity)

Let the battle lines form, and I can already see the writing of stories bashing both Matt Damon and Effie Brown. There was a very heated moment between producer Effie Brown and Matt that has been summed up for the past four years on the internet. It is diversity.
From AV Club, ((hat latter point is stressed by line producer Effie Brown, a black woman who pushes for the team of Leo and Kristen, the only participants to express concern over the portrayal of a prostitute named Harmony in Not Another Pretty Woman. Things get a bit heated between Brown and Damon, ))
I love the fact, while I partly disagree with her, that she stood up for her point of view. However, I respect Matt Damon even more for not backing down. Damon is very much a left-leaning kind of guy and it is good to see someone from the left stand up for their beliefs even when the “D” word is being spoken.
Yes, we should be respectful of the portrayal of any minority character, but let's not harm the story because we want to keep it PC. And, it really bothered me that she wanted to Leo and Kristen for their diversity and not their merits as director. Matt Damon is right. Let's pick the right director for their skills and not what they symbolize and being guardians for minority characters. I cringed when she spoke those words.
And, this is shocking coming from a producer that worked on Dear White People that was surprisingly a extremely well balanced message movie. It actually tackles the issues like this and doesn't really have an answer for you.
This goes into the harder issue of affirmative action. Let's not force diversity down people's throats, but let's not exclude people because of their race, religion or sex either.  I don't want the job because of my skin color, but because I totally kick ass. 
However, all this talk is moot, because I DO think they made the worst choice possible for the director spot. I think this guy will turn out to be a pretentious cross between a hipster and Tim Burton. It just bothers me to see him almost come across as not wanting to be there.
I'm guessing we're going to see some major battles between this new director and Effie Brown. Something tells me it will be akin to those Chris Moore battles, but a bit more personal. 
 Side Note:  I love that the movie will be on HBO and the network is funding it to the tune of 3 million dollars.  I am certain this is HBO flexing its muscles showing they will spend more on the movie than a normal studio.  Plus, the bigger budget has to come out of the fact that this is HBO of the Game of Thrones era. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Orange is the new Yellow

Orange is the new Yellow
It is funny how I remember certain things from my childhood, but totally forget everything else. I can't even remember people's names after they're introduced to me.
Orange Duck: Because I was such a strange and detached child, I remember coloring a coloring book and using the color of orange as its primary color. I remember a girl looking at my “wonderful”coloring with such confusion.
She said, “I don't think I've ever seen a orange duck. Most ducks are yellow or white.”
My heart was broken. Damn it, I picked the wrong color.
However, this was probably the beginning of me picking choices that didn't conform to the mainstream. Looking back today, I can see that I've been making these “orange” choices all my life. When I see the group go one way, I feel almost compelled to go my own way.
Keep in mind that being the non-conformist/outsider is not easy. You're probably going to spend a lot of time alone. If you're a black kid, forget about finding dates. Most black girls in high school will flat out ignore you because you're not a part of the group. And, you'll be seen as a loser.
Even as I look back at high school, all of my friends were outsiders and not a part of any group.
I am that orange duck.
Side note: In real life, I just discovered that there are orange ducks. Just do a Google search, besides the dinner dish. I guess she was wrong.

 Well, this is orange and it has a

Friday, September 11, 2015

That Coexist Bumper sticker...

That Coexist Bumper sticker...
I hate bumper stickers especially the political ones. By reading your shitty beliefs on your car , am I supposed to instantly change my world view? Because of this tiny stick I am now changed forever. Thank you, bumper sticker guy or girl. I've never understood the concept of political bumper stickers. Yes, I know I have the right not to look at it, but when you're sitting at a light, your shitty views just pop right out at me.
There really is no other way people express themselves in such a blatant political manner other than bumper stickers. We don't put Ass Stickers up asking to end abortion or gun control. While I pass you, take a look at this.
Other than the anti-abortion stickers (If you're reading this, your mother was pro-life), the ones that really bother me are the Coexist bumper stickers. It is so naive and simple minded. All these religious groups hate each other and have been killing for years. And, now your trendy bumper sticker will end this?
Because I am reading the back of your Nova or Prius, I all my religious bigotry will be lifted and I will accept all religions in my heart equally...including Scientology. Is this how it's supposed to work?
Perhaps, when I was young, I probably wanted to see religious groups work together and “coexist”, but my jaded older self just says, “F' it.” And, I know these hipster/hippie types believe the coexist concept, but a mere bumper sticker won't change a damn thing, other than annoying me. Plus, I am already pissed off at you because you're driving too slow and your mini-car is too loud.
I'm more into actions speak louder than damn signs, t-shirts and hash-tags. You see someone of another religion, you treat them with respect as long as they treat you with respect.
However, I did see a coexist parody with a bunch symbols of various tech logos that spelled out coexist. That is truly brilliant and clever. We need more of these funnier ones than the serious ones.
As far as I know, world peace hasn't been commissioned due to a damn bumper sticker. 
Now I approve of the superhero one.  

 This is the one I saw out in the street and I loved it. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

More Thoughts on Fantastic Four

Comic Book Girl 19 pretty much sums up most of the interesting stories behind the making of Fantastic Four. With all the problems with the movie, I'm surprised that FOX even bothered to give it a wide release and marketing push. We got to see a big budget movie fail in real time and pretty much every BTS rumors are true.
I also think FOX tried their best to keep pushing the “controversy” of having a black Human Torch long after people started focusing in on the main problems behind the scenes. It likes “Hey, look over there, don't look at this stuff. Weren't you all mad about a Black Character.” 
For me, it is not about message of having a white character change to black, just make a good movie first.  Work on the script and find a director that can work on a big budget.  It's about the story first and the message comes third or fourth.  FOX sort of forgot about this.
Back in 2014, Marvel canceled their FF book, thus removing free promotion for FOX. Also, Marvel made sure not to promote this movie at all and even went as far as killing off the main cast from the movie in their comic book universe. No matter what they say, Marvel and FOX don't get along. 

 From, ((Previous to Secret Wars, Marvel writer Chris Claremont told website Bleeding Cool that Marvel writers were not allowed to create new X-Men characters because Fox could conceivably use them in a future film. ))

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Little Nicky

Little Nicky
Holy Crap, this movie is really-really bad. I hated the movie when it came out but damn this movie hasn't aged well.
When he made this movie, he was at the height of his career.
Little Nicky proved that Adam Sandler wasn't prefect, and his winning streak was coming to an end. With an inflated budget of 85 million, it only made 58 million domestically. Even Sandler's hardcore fans didn't come out to see it or praise it. It has a score of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 56%.
Little Nicky was the downward spiral to what happened with Pixels. He's now just making the movies for his friends' vacations and ads for products. I think the failure of Nicky just made him bitter, and he started to not care about his movies. When you watch the Wedding Singer, you can see him at the top of his game.This felt more by the numbers than something new or fresh.
Plus, you can see all the clich├ęd things that make up the current Sandler movies today. 
1 Have all his unfunny friends in the movie.
2 Strange Sports Cameos
3 The hero learns something in front of a huge crowd of people
4 A role for
5  Product placement that has a point in the plot progression, but poorly done and lazy
Here's the thing though, Little Nicky isn't as bad as his later movies. There are a few funny moments here and there. And, I still laugh at them. Hell, even the casting is pretty good with the exception of Quentin Tarantino. However, they're all kind of wasted with the lame jokes and poor editing.
This movie is over 15 years old and people often completely overlook this movie or totally forget about it. It is more of a middle movie between Sandler giving a shit and not giving a shit. This movie was probably the tipping point to the dark side for him. The is bad, but I think people need to watch it just to see where Sandler was going to the point where he looks like this at his latest movie premiere. (Hat tip to the Nostalgia Critic. )

 It boils down to the movie just not being that funny. 
-Sandler's Speak Patterns and face: This is not funny and very annoying. I am not sure it was a good choice to do that voice the whole time.
~Harvey Keitel as the Devil: Okay, this is brilliant casting. He's not in it much, but he's great at the king of hell.
~Coke/Pepsi change: This was actually a funny joke. I wish there were more like it. I love that his powers were to only change one soft drink into another one. Very funny scene.
~George Wallace as the Mayor: This funny comedian has played the mayor twice in five years. He played the mayor in Batman Forever.
~Ozzy Osbourne cameo was annoying: This was before they were overexposed. It's still not a funny scene. We would later get too much of Ozzy and his family even today.
~CGI is total shit: Every time I see CGI with its texture-less models, I shake my head. The CGI is worst than the stuff being made during this time. It really ages the movie for the worst.
~Carl Weathers as Chubbs from Happy Gilmore: I love the cameo by Weathers. It's a nice crossover. 
 Popeyes Chicken:  Yes, it plays a major plot point.  Unfunny, but still...
 These aren't the only two boobs you will see in the movie.  and also appear.  BTW, is a funny guy, but he's now doing Boner commercials.  
Space Jam 2: Yes, Sandler has to add sports to all his later movies somehow.  
 After reading the final draft of the script, he looked like this. 
 Okay, Grand Dad was better here than in Soul Plane.  I have forgotten about that movie...
 Why does this scene remind me of Men in Black 2? 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

To Catch a Jared...

Jared showed up making fun of people on To Catch a Predator
One more Jared story...
It should be noted that the video seems to be taken down in a few spots, so this one might be gone soon. I found this gem on Reddit. The sheer irony is pure gold. Given he started openly talking about his horrible acts as if he couldn't get caught.
What an ass. 

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Jessica Alba being sued

Jessica Alba being sued
Do you remember this actress? At a time, she was the it “hot” girl in Hollywood and everyone pretended like she was the second coming. She sort of started out on TV with her own show, and moved to movies fairly quickly.
The only problem this climb to fame is that she can't all. I think her worst acting gigs were her roles in the Fantastic Four movies. Where she literally looked like she was reading from cue cards. Why couldn't have at least tried to get a better actress for the female superhero role?
And, does anyone remember Honey? And, what about that Dane Cook movie?
She sort of disappeared and suddenly started showing up on TV again, except it was on during late. She switched from being a bad actress to a leader of paid commercials with her Honest Company.
Now, she's getting press for being sued for her products from her Honest Company.
When you name your company Honest, you're asking for trouble. I am all for women running their own companies, but this is strange. However, why would people truly believed this shit would work?
From E!, ((Jessica Alba is speaking out about a $5 million lawsuit filed against her Honest Company, saying that allegations of mislabeling several of its eco-friendly home products are "baseless and without merit." ))
Yes, as I write this, I am actually siding with her, but only because I hate most of these type of products. Now, I can see suing the company say for their products burning down your house, such as the Hulk Hogan Grill, but this seems a little weak to me. Hogan will burn down your house, but I don't think the chick from FF and Honey will though. Maybe, her movies will burn down your DVD players if you put them in.
I do find it amusing that she is now the ShamWow girl. If you're going to sue her, sue her for Good Luck Chuck.
If anything, check out her strange ads on her YouTube page.
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