Wednesday, September 09, 2015

More Thoughts on Fantastic Four

Comic Book Girl 19 pretty much sums up most of the interesting stories behind the making of Fantastic Four. With all the problems with the movie, I'm surprised that FOX even bothered to give it a wide release and marketing push. We got to see a big budget movie fail in real time and pretty much every BTS rumors are true.
I also think FOX tried their best to keep pushing the “controversy” of having a black Human Torch long after people started focusing in on the main problems behind the scenes. It likes “Hey, look over there, don't look at this stuff. Weren't you all mad about a Black Character.” 
For me, it is not about message of having a white character change to black, just make a good movie first.  Work on the script and find a director that can work on a big budget.  It's about the story first and the message comes third or fourth.  FOX sort of forgot about this.
Back in 2014, Marvel canceled their FF book, thus removing free promotion for FOX. Also, Marvel made sure not to promote this movie at all and even went as far as killing off the main cast from the movie in their comic book universe. No matter what they say, Marvel and FOX don't get along. 

 From, ((Previous to Secret Wars, Marvel writer Chris Claremont told website Bleeding Cool that Marvel writers were not allowed to create new X-Men characters because Fox could conceivably use them in a future film. ))

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