Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hardcore History

Hardcore History
I've just found a new podcast that I truly love. I love watching things about history and the discussion of history. I heard about this Hardcore History Podcast from Joe Rogan's podcast. So, I gave it a try and downloaded the Genghis Khan part 1. And, I loved it.
Dan Carlin goes into great stories about certain points into history and it is fun to listen to these stories. He also goes into great detail about the Spanish-American War and the aftermath o the war. He goes into all the problems America got into with all the territories it receives after the war.
There seems to be this newer liberal view of historical dictators that killed millions as cultural heroes, and Dan goes against this new view of these mass killers. People claim that Genghis Khan linked the west and east cultures together and that was his plan all along. This cultural bonding and mixing was only a byproduct and on the deaths of millions. I love Dan Carlin dispels these new notions.
Don't take my word for it...read the book...I mean...Check it out.

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