Friday, September 11, 2015

That Coexist Bumper sticker...

That Coexist Bumper sticker...
I hate bumper stickers especially the political ones. By reading your shitty beliefs on your car , am I supposed to instantly change my world view? Because of this tiny stick I am now changed forever. Thank you, bumper sticker guy or girl. I've never understood the concept of political bumper stickers. Yes, I know I have the right not to look at it, but when you're sitting at a light, your shitty views just pop right out at me.
There really is no other way people express themselves in such a blatant political manner other than bumper stickers. We don't put Ass Stickers up asking to end abortion or gun control. While I pass you, take a look at this.
Other than the anti-abortion stickers (If you're reading this, your mother was pro-life), the ones that really bother me are the Coexist bumper stickers. It is so naive and simple minded. All these religious groups hate each other and have been killing for years. And, now your trendy bumper sticker will end this?
Because I am reading the back of your Nova or Prius, I all my religious bigotry will be lifted and I will accept all religions in my heart equally...including Scientology. Is this how it's supposed to work?
Perhaps, when I was young, I probably wanted to see religious groups work together and “coexist”, but my jaded older self just says, “F' it.” And, I know these hipster/hippie types believe the coexist concept, but a mere bumper sticker won't change a damn thing, other than annoying me. Plus, I am already pissed off at you because you're driving too slow and your mini-car is too loud.
I'm more into actions speak louder than damn signs, t-shirts and hash-tags. You see someone of another religion, you treat them with respect as long as they treat you with respect.
However, I did see a coexist parody with a bunch symbols of various tech logos that spelled out coexist. That is truly brilliant and clever. We need more of these funnier ones than the serious ones.
As far as I know, world peace hasn't been commissioned due to a damn bumper sticker. 
Now I approve of the superhero one.  

 This is the one I saw out in the street and I loved it. 

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