Friday, September 04, 2015

Random Things (Friday Edition)

Random Things (Friday Edition)
 ~Kim Davis: Okay, you have convictions, but for the wrong reasons. She is the clerk that refuses to give out marriage licenses to gay couples. It just seems misguided and she is merely trying to start a crusade and to become a “hero” to the religious right. To deny someone the right to be happy, though I think marriage is a highly flawed concept, seems wrong to me. And, I am getting the vibe she is doing this to merely get other religious nuts to stand up against gay marriage. I hate this grandstanding on both sides of the political sides, but the right side does annoy me more when it comes to this shit. 
~Been Watching Project Greenlight Season 2: Man, that was a long time ago. HBO has been showing the old episodes from the first two seasons. I remember really enjoying the show. While I love seeing the film-making stuff, it is interesting to see how everything can go wrong on a set with these two directors. I hated Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle, but not so much as I re-watch the show. They're still in over their heads and too passive aggressive, they still got bullied around by Chris Moore. However, I love the pure contempt that Moore has for Kyle and Efram. The Battle of Shaker Heights was never going to be a good movie regurdless of the writer's intentions. Shia La Beouf looks really young and egered to be in the movie. This is before all the drugs and booze make him a total asshole. 
~Speaking of Shaker Heights: The writer (Erica Beeney ) doesn't even get a wikipedia page. She's still around on the Internet though. She's been working, but her IMDB is rather empty at since Project Greenlight. I guess the fact the movie never made back its money sort of her career. I still think she got a shit hand due to the fact she got paired with the wrong directors. They were never built fot this story. By the way, she's married to a very good rising director. He directed Apes 2 and will be directing the new Gambit movie.

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