Saturday, September 05, 2015

Jessica Alba being sued

Jessica Alba being sued
Do you remember this actress? At a time, she was the it “hot” girl in Hollywood and everyone pretended like she was the second coming. She sort of started out on TV with her own show, and moved to movies fairly quickly.
The only problem this climb to fame is that she can't all. I think her worst acting gigs were her roles in the Fantastic Four movies. Where she literally looked like she was reading from cue cards. Why couldn't have at least tried to get a better actress for the female superhero role?
And, does anyone remember Honey? And, what about that Dane Cook movie?
She sort of disappeared and suddenly started showing up on TV again, except it was on during late. She switched from being a bad actress to a leader of paid commercials with her Honest Company.
Now, she's getting press for being sued for her products from her Honest Company.
When you name your company Honest, you're asking for trouble. I am all for women running their own companies, but this is strange. However, why would people truly believed this shit would work?
From E!, ((Jessica Alba is speaking out about a $5 million lawsuit filed against her Honest Company, saying that allegations of mislabeling several of its eco-friendly home products are "baseless and without merit." ))
Yes, as I write this, I am actually siding with her, but only because I hate most of these type of products. Now, I can see suing the company say for their products burning down your house, such as the Hulk Hogan Grill, but this seems a little weak to me. Hogan will burn down your house, but I don't think the chick from FF and Honey will though. Maybe, her movies will burn down your DVD players if you put them in.
I do find it amusing that she is now the ShamWow girl. If you're going to sue her, sue her for Good Luck Chuck.
If anything, check out her strange ads on her YouTube page.

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