Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Women steals from car as own watches and films

Women steals from car as own watches and films
Best line ever “Bitch, stealing all my parts out of my car...” I like that he calls them “parts”. Given that she doesn't even know the owner is filming her, I'm guessing she is either high or drunk.
“You just raided my shit.” Okay, this one was pretty good too. 
There are some many great lines.
The smartest thing he did was to film the whole encounter, because she can't blame him with assault and deflect the crime. Sadly, you have to do this now. I'm surprised how calm he is, because I would have completely lost it.
By the way, a lot of people will just go around a parking lot checking doors for unlocked cars and then grab anything they can to make a quick buck. I saw this happen a few years ago. I think that's what she was doing.


MC said...

They do look like boxed car parts though. Like it looked like she dropped an unboxed oil filter when she turned around.

Semaj said...

Okay, that makes more sense. I am not sure where she is going to sell that filter, since they don't cost that much. I do like that she had the good mind to put his parts back in his car. I am probably going to start hiding my stuff under my seat when I going into work after this video

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