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Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 1 of 2)

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 1 of 2)
Yes, Bill Cosby has been in the news recently, and we've learned that he is a really terrible guy. So, what better way to take apart the man than to take apart one of his worst movies?
I wrote a review for this notoriously bad movie. I recently re-watched this piece of junk a few days ago. It is actually On Demand on one of the pay channels. The last time I wrote about this movie, it was nearly ten years ago on this very blog. After watching this piece of crap again, I feel need to pick on it some more.
Leonard Part 6 is that fat kid that gets picked on in middle school and you feel sorry for him. You befriend him because he doesn't have friends, and then you realize he's a total spoiled asshole. No matter how much you hate Sandler's latest movies, Leonard Part 6 is way worst than those movies.
Before The Room, there was this steaming pile of poop. It has only recently become famous for its sheer badness. 
Cosby was so a shamed of this movie that he brought the rights to the TV rights just to keep people from seeing it. For years, this movie wasn't seen for years on anything from TV to DVD. Around the mid-2000s, the movie finally showed up on DVD and on TV. I guess he had to pay legal fees for that certain court settlement that happened during the time of the DVD. You couldn't get a hold of this movie on video, DVD or TV. It simply disappeared until Sony released it in 2006. It took the studio nearly 20 years to even bother giving the movie a bare-bones release.
During the time of its release, he went on a press tour to encourage people NOT to go see the movie.
Here's the kicker; I saw this shitty movie in the theater and I remember watching it with my brother and mother. Even as a child, I was in total shock on how badly the movie turned out. I guess I was hoping for the same Cosby we saw in the Cosby Show. We didn't get that. His character was still super rich like the one on the show, but he was bit of a dick. His character cheated on his wife. And, the humor was bit more sexual than on the show.
I left the theater disappointed. Curse you, Bill.
So, why is the movie called Leonard Part 6 and not Leonard Part 1? From the Wikipedia page, ((Bill Cosby plays Leonard Parker, a former CIA spy. According to the opening sequence of the movie, the title refers to the idea that this film is actually the sixth installment of a series of films featuring the adventures of Leonard, as parts one through five were locked up in the interests of world security. ))
Yes, the is set up for only one joke and that's it. Not funny. 
So, how bad can this movie be? Well, with a budget of 24 million, it only made nearly 5 million back. It has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, which it would be fitting if it got a 6 instead. Oh, well. And it did win some awards...sort of.
From the wiki, ((The movie won three Golden Raspberry Awards, for Worst Actor (Cosby), Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay (Jonathan Reynolds and Cosby). It was nominated for two more Razzie Awards, for Worst Supporting Actress (Foster) and Worst Director (Weiland). A few weeks after the ceremony, Cosby accepted his three Razzies on Fox's The Late Show. He requested that the three Razzies he earned be specifically made out of 24 karat (99.99%) gold and Italian marble ))
Is it worst than Battlefield Earth or the Wicker Man? I am not sure.

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