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Little Nicky

Little Nicky
Holy Crap, this movie is really-really bad. I hated the movie when it came out but damn this movie hasn't aged well.
When he made this movie, he was at the height of his career.
Little Nicky proved that Adam Sandler wasn't prefect, and his winning streak was coming to an end. With an inflated budget of 85 million, it only made 58 million domestically. Even Sandler's hardcore fans didn't come out to see it or praise it. It has a score of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 56%.
Little Nicky was the downward spiral to what happened with Pixels. He's now just making the movies for his friends' vacations and ads for products. I think the failure of Nicky just made him bitter, and he started to not care about his movies. When you watch the Wedding Singer, you can see him at the top of his game.This felt more by the numbers than something new or fresh.
Plus, you can see all the clich├ęd things that make up the current Sandler movies today. 
1 Have all his unfunny friends in the movie.
2 Strange Sports Cameos
3 The hero learns something in front of a huge crowd of people
4 A role for
5  Product placement that has a point in the plot progression, but poorly done and lazy
Here's the thing though, Little Nicky isn't as bad as his later movies. There are a few funny moments here and there. And, I still laugh at them. Hell, even the casting is pretty good with the exception of Quentin Tarantino. However, they're all kind of wasted with the lame jokes and poor editing.
This movie is over 15 years old and people often completely overlook this movie or totally forget about it. It is more of a middle movie between Sandler giving a shit and not giving a shit. This movie was probably the tipping point to the dark side for him. The is bad, but I think people need to watch it just to see where Sandler was going to the point where he looks like this at his latest movie premiere. (Hat tip to the Nostalgia Critic. )

 It boils down to the movie just not being that funny. 
-Sandler's Speak Patterns and face: This is not funny and very annoying. I am not sure it was a good choice to do that voice the whole time.
~Harvey Keitel as the Devil: Okay, this is brilliant casting. He's not in it much, but he's great at the king of hell.
~Coke/Pepsi change: This was actually a funny joke. I wish there were more like it. I love that his powers were to only change one soft drink into another one. Very funny scene.
~George Wallace as the Mayor: This funny comedian has played the mayor twice in five years. He played the mayor in Batman Forever.
~Ozzy Osbourne cameo was annoying: This was before they were overexposed. It's still not a funny scene. We would later get too much of Ozzy and his family even today.
~CGI is total shit: Every time I see CGI with its texture-less models, I shake my head. The CGI is worst than the stuff being made during this time. It really ages the movie for the worst.
~Carl Weathers as Chubbs from Happy Gilmore: I love the cameo by Weathers. It's a nice crossover. 
 Popeyes Chicken:  Yes, it plays a major plot point.  Unfunny, but still...
 These aren't the only two boobs you will see in the movie.  and also appear.  BTW, is a funny guy, but he's now doing Boner commercials.  
Space Jam 2: Yes, Sandler has to add sports to all his later movies somehow.  
 After reading the final draft of the script, he looked like this. 
 Okay, Grand Dad was better here than in Soul Plane.  I have forgotten about that movie...
 Why does this scene remind me of Men in Black 2? 

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