Monday, September 21, 2015

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 2 of 2)

Leonard Part 6 Revisited (uh Part 2 of 2)
People often overlook this movie when talking about shit movies, but I think the lacy of this movie has come back since its DVD release.
~“I didn't lay finger on her.” Lenard says this to his butler buddy. This off line now has more meaning now than years ago given all the rape allegations. In the movie, he cheats on his wife with a younger woman. He tells his butler that he didn't touch the younger lady. And, now we know that Bill raped and cheated on his wife countless times.
~Murder by Frogs: Yes, a group of frogs crawl under a car that has a CIA agent. They then proceed to jump in unison, thus lifting the car off the ground. They hop the car right into a body of water and drown the agent. I am not sure why he doesn't swim out. And, I don't have to explain the foolishness of a bunch of frogs being able to life a car into the air either. This might be the stupidest thing in the movie. Who wrote this shit, George Lucas?
~Victoria Rowell as his daughter: Rowell is very attractive, but what was with her subplot? She wants to become an actress in a play where she stripes down completely front of her parents Bill and his wife.  BTW, this is what Rowell looks like today...damn she even prettier.  

~Gloria Foster as the main villain: Foster is more or less a poor man's (woman's) James Bond villain. She is way over the top even for a bond character. She's a vegetarian that controls animals, which in turn will help her kill off mankind and take over the world.  You will remember her from the first two Matrix movies.  She was good in those movies, but horrible here.
~Voice Over by the Butler(Tom Courtenay ): I hated this voice over work, and it is clear that the narrative was only added at the last moment. It doesn't add anything to the overall plot.
~Wheelchair guy Andy: There is something very strange that happens to this character. He shoots at Bill and rolls toward him. He hits the lip of the vat his upper body detaches from his lower body and falls into the goo. Why did this happen? Was his lower body fake?

~Coke: Bill's daughter brings him a sandwich and a bottle Coke. Bill makes sure the camara gets afull view of the logo. You have to remember that Bill was a spokemens for the company. I am not sure if Jello was a sponsor.

~Flying ostrich: The climax of this movie has Bill jumping from a top of a building with a flying ostrich Yes, the damn bird, which can't fly, somehow gains the ability to freaking fly. WTF? I remember watching the movie as a child and being appalled about the damn flying bird.
Yes, this is happening. We also get the butler using under arm rockets. And, this movie ends with Lenard's wife pouring food all over him.
So, is this mess the worst movie I've seen? It is a toss up between this movie and Battlefield Earth. Here, we get killer lobsters, magical beef, queen bees and Bill Cosby. BE was written by a crazy writer that created his whole religion. I torn because BE is trying to be an epic space drama, but Leonard is more of a failure of a comedy. Leonard doesn't know what kind of comedy it wants to be. And not even Cosby supported the movie after he saw the finished product.
However, I am still leaning toward Battlefield Earth being the worst of the two.

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