Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project Greenlight More Thoughts

Holy crap this season is turning to be better than the second season. Tensions seems to be higher this season than the second season. However, Chris Moore is missed. I haven't seen his new show The Chair yet. I am actually looking forward to this movie on HBO.
~Matt Damon: As I predicted, Damon apologized for his view on “diversity”. And it is really bothering me with this term “whitesplaining”. Can't a white person have a different view from a black person and not look like an racist? This PC crap is going too far. Don't shut someone down because they're not a part of the group. 

~Pete Jones: It is good to see him again. He looks healthy and really mellowed out. He wrote the original script Not Another Pretty Woman, but he was willing to give it up for the PG director's script. Jones has worked in the Hollywood system for a while now and he could bring out the mini-Tim Burton. I think the PG Director needs to get his head out of his ass.
~Film vs. digital: I am on the side of Effie on this one. Digital will save you a lot of money when you use it. Certain battles you have to give up in order to save money for your production. And, it is Effie's job to remind him that you shouldn't spend that much money on film and you can put it back into the money for something else. 

~Effie Brown: This is where things get a bit heated. While I side with her on the digital debate, she is really starting to piss me off when handling some of the people involved in the projection. You have to handle these type of politics when you are a producer and fight the battles worth fighting.
Peter Farrelly did the right thing. At a certain age, you know you don't have to deal with people like her. People that want to battle with you all the time. When I know I am going to butt heads with someone that is complete opposite from me, I will not speak to that person or make sure they know I will not argue with them further. You have to handle certain battles without the attitude. I think the two directors from the second season fell into this trap too.
And, it should be noted that I am not a huge fan of Farrelly's recent movies either.What's sad is that Farrelly and Brown were on the same page. 
I can't stand Effie not because she is woman, but her handling of situations. Yes, Effie, you've done 17 films, but you still have to work with other people.

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