Saturday, September 19, 2015

Amy's Baking Company Closed, sweet (pun intended)

Amy's Baking Company Closed, sweet (pun intended)
I was watching the Mundane Matt video and he mentioned that Amy's restaurant finally closed . I love that even the yelling guy Gordon Ramsay. At a certain point, Ramsay had enough and walked off. I've never seen Gordon give up on a restaurant like Amy's Baking Company. The woman was nuts and the hubby was “of question connections” if you know what I mean.
From Fox 10 ((A Scottsdale restaurant that gained reality TV notoriety after an appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares" will soon close its doors.
Co-owner Amy Bouzaglo says she and husband Samy Bouzaglo are in final negotiations to sell the property.))
I have a brother that lives in the Phoenix area, I should have had him visit the location before they closed their doors. I can't believe the place lasted this long. I guess people showing up to taste the worst food ever had some limited appeal.
I took a shitty part time job a few years back there was a supervisor just like Amy and I quickly put in my two weeks notice after the first day. I wasn't going to deal with that shit.
Amy and the “gangster” are assholes and they feed off of trolls. So, it will be interesting to see their “Video Game”.

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