Friday, September 18, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Wait, there is a Taken TV series: First off, did we need three Taken movies? The second one was pretty lame and I didn't bother watching the third one. And, now we're going to see a prequel series being commissioned for NBC, the same network that is bringing back Heroes. I just can't see how this Taken series is going to work. And, will it be a part of the movie universe? The post I listed also mentions the Transporter series, which isn't a bad TV show. However, how does that series fit into the reboot movie?
~Getting over a cold: I could barely walk a few days ago and I was really sick. I can't even remember what I said or did that day. I do know that some sleep meds and a mixture of allergy pills helped me get through it. I now need to get my energy up, because I am tired all the time.

~Jesse Jackson Jr. out of jail. I remember reading about Jesse Jackson's son being arrested and put in prison for misusing campaign contributions. Now, his wife has to serve a year in prison to for her part. I really think both he and his father are corrupt people that have used the civil rights to get rich and haven't really uplifted the black community.
~Pacific Rim 2 has been halted: I thought the first movie was a bit of a letdown with some major plotting problems that really bothered me. And, the movie didn't light up the box office either. I am a little surprised that the second movie was even commissioned in the first place. Now, the studio is putting the new one on hold. I guess China made the first movie such a hit.   

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