Saturday, December 31, 2005

Theater Blues (The annoying types)

Whenever I go into a theater, I always run into these types of people. You know the ones that piss you off and make sure you don’t enjoy the movie.

1: The Late Couple: These are some guys and girls that always come into the theater well into the opening credits of the movie. They stand there looking around the darkened theater. When they finally find a seat they disrupt the people who got to the theater on time by squeezing pass them. There’s a reason why theaters have start times, so people can actually get there on time. What a brilliant concept!

Annoying rating: 2

2: The M&M, Skittles kid: These are the kids that buy an overpriced bag of small round candy pieces and bring them into the theater. They attempt to open the bag, and POP! The little hard pieces of candy go rolling under everyone’s chairs, making an incredible loud sound. Thanks, kid, that’s just what this movie needed to make it better…

Annoying rating: 5

3: The Talking Guy: Notice I said guy not woman. This guy will yap right through the entire movie to his friends and his loser family. His voice will be loud and annoying. He won’t use a cell phone, because no one wants to talk to him. These guys need to be put down before the movie starts.

Annoying rating: 8

4: The Cell Phone people: These people will let their cell phone ring at the quietest parts of the movie, and then will answer them. Then, they will have a freaking five-minute conversation with someone, talking loud as hell. Note: Whoever’s behind them; please slapped them on the back of their heads and grab their phone and throw it toward the door.

Annoying rating: 10

Wolf 359 battle

Comment: And for all Those Trek fans, here’s a site detailing the ships that were destroyed by the Borg at Wolf359. Just for Star Trek nerds only…

and here’s detailed page on Star Trek FC

that’s another one

Hudson Hawk gets a new one

That is an O face

Comment: Hudson Hawk was probably one of the worst movies out there besides Leonard part 6. I’ve tried many times to watch the movie completely. Due to the poor quality, I couldn’t finish it.

That has not stopped from making fun of this turd of a movie.

Yes, the movie is that bad. What was Bruce Willis thinking? However, remember his career record…Two of the worst movies ever, and I'm a Willis fan

The Last Boy Scout

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Friday, December 30, 2005

Cosby Sweater

Stage Hand: “Uh, someone should tell Bill that isn’t Jello Pudding.”


This is a spoof site about the famous Cosby Sweater

Comment: There were times when I would be perplexed by the crazy designs of Cosby’s sweaters. They seemed to have a life of their own. Perhaps, they gave him his powers.

Sin City Reborn on DVD (Chud Review)

Yeah, yeah, so she’s cute, but she sure is annoying.

Sin City Recut Chud review.

Comment: For once, Chud and I agree on something. BTW, I really want to get this recut of the film on DVD. I loved the theater version, so I cant wait to see this one.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Farris Hassan does Iraq

I’ve heard of Field Trips but this is crazy.

Comment: Fort Lauderdale Kid cut school and went to Iraq by himself. He didn’t even tell his parents. And surprisingly, he had some adventures there too. What was he thinking?

((The next trimester his class was assigned to choose an international topic and write editorials about it, Hassan said. He chose the Iraq war and decided to practice immersion journalism there, too, though he knows his school in no way endorses his travels.))

I’ll give him two points having the guts to do it.

World of Warcraft video

Funny World of Warcraft music video

Comment: Nerds are a clever bunch. The song is “Internet is for porn”, and I am sure they didn’t make that song up, but it is a funny video, check it out. I’ll be singing this one for days. Sometimes

Because I love making fun of…

Comment: Nicely written rant about Myspace. This one is funny.

Here’s a petition to stop MySpace

Comment: The comments are funny. I might just sign it, even though I have an account at Myspace. (Note: I don’t use it, and only have one friend the founder.)

And one reason it doesn’t suck hee hee…Don’t click in you are offended by this profession…

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

Uh, so long Yellow Ranger

Random Thoughts

~I’ve been playing the hell out of Kingdom Hearts. I’ve beaten the white haired kid and now lvling my people up so I can battle in the matches. (Every area has been boosted up with stronger enemies.)

~I got Pwned by one of the “hidden” bosses on desert board. He was some kind of “god” creature with many arms. (Kingdom Hearts)

~I’ve been overloading on DVDs of 24’s 4th season. I’ve watched like two disks from Sunday to Monday. They freaking blew up Air Force One in the last episode I watched. This is probably best season since the 1st season.

~I’ve been really rude and pissy toward my fellow workers, and I am happy about it. If I hear one more “sports discussion”, I will shoot myself. Can’t these people talk about something else at work? Then again, the people I work with have a limited outlook on life.

Politics discussion, nope. They don’t care…

Religion discussion, nope. Most of them don’t go to church…

School discussion, nope. Most of them dropped out of College.

Video Game Discussion, nope. Unless it is John Madden.

So, it’s pretty limited, dealing with limited minded people.

~Did you know that the original Yellow Power Ranger was killed in a car accident five years ago. I didn’t know, here’s the link

Her name was Thuy Trang. (Why was the Yellow Ranger Asian and the Black Ranger an African-American? Hmmm…)

The Picard song

The Captain Picard Song

Comment: Someone made a techno song/video for the greatest Captain in Starfleet, Captain Picard. I don’t exactly like the song, but I do like the edits in the video. BTW, the dancing Picard with the straw hat is from an outtake.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dont show off your XBOX

Dude drops his Xbox on the street, while attempting to show it off.

Comment: It is funny, even though it seems staged.

Problems with video

1 The dork driving around showing off his XBOX to people waiting in line is a loser.

2 The people standing in line, waiting for their XBOXs must be losers. Come on it’s a freaking game console.

3 The person making fun of the whole thing (that being me) is a loser. Hold on a second…doh!

Full House?

Uh, Somebody recreated two Full House opening sequences

Comment: Uh, this is just plain weird. I don’t know what else to say. (Note: I’ve never fully watched an entire episode of this crappy show, but I do remember the bad openings.)

What does the animal have to with the Olsen Twins?

Godzilla vs. Megalon

Because I used to be a big Godzilla fan, here are pictures of one of the worst Godzilla movies out there. I used to actually have this tape. I used to love it as a little kid, but man, watching it now just sucks. Godzilla vs. Megalon

Mystery Science Theater 3000 even took on this horrible Godzilla movie.

And, then there’s Jet Jaguar. He is one of the lamest robots ever.

Also, I have no life, so I spent an hour doing research on Godzilla…

Godzilla is separated into three continuities.

Godzilla’s famous Drop kick as he slides on his tail. Doesn’t get any dumber than this folks.


Another villain


From the acting school of William Shatner


Yes, Godzilla is the hero in this one, and yes, he knows how to shake hands with Jet Jaguar.


Jet Jaguar can switch from human size to Godzilla size just like that

And, he still sucks at any size…


This guy has three drunk girls in his room and does nothing!!!

Behold our American Youth!!!

Comment: When I look at this video, I feel all warm inside, knowing that we’re in good hands in the future. We're doomed folks...

Numa again...

Numa Numa all over again

Comment: Watch as a dork is caught doing the Numa dance behind closed doors. Might be fake, but it’s still funny.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Superman Returns

Because I am a complete DC Comics freak, here are some Superman Returns pictures.

Also Harry Knowles has a very cool picture of the new Superman movie right here…

King Kong (review)

King Kong

King Kong is a movie that I hate and a movie that I love too. It would be easy to attack Peter Jackson for making the movie three hours long, but I won’t get into that too much. I will say this; the 40-minute boat trip to the island wasn’t necessary. He could have easily cut it down to 20 mins.

The CGI shots of New York City are a sight to behold, and it further proves that CGI has come a long way. We actually get a feel for the city, which is set during the depression.

This is also where we meet the Hero/Villain of the movie, Jack Black. I will admit that I was one of the first people that grumbled at the notion of having funny-man Jack Black as one of the leads, but you know what, it works. Black sets the correct balance between funny and slimy, as he plays the director of the film within a film. One has to wonder if Black is playing a darker version of Peter Jackson.

The love story between the nerdy writer and the actress was one of my least favorite parts of the movie, and more time should have been focused on the interesting island.

James Newton Howard did the Score to Kong. For the most part, the score works. Giving that, unlike Howard Shore, he only had three weeks to write and direct the score to the movie, I can’t complain that much. Yet, I still think Shore would have given the movie an extra brassy push that JNH lacks. Remember, JNH is more of a strings kind of guy. One can only wish Shore’s rejected score will someday see the light of day, because it was completed.

For better or worst, the movie is collection of set pieces. There are two set pieces worth noting.

The Bug Pit

This has got to be one of the creepiest scenes I’ve seen in a PG-13 movie. I can’t stand bugs, so watching giant size grasshoppers attempting to eat some of the characters, just made me uneasy. If you add man-eating slugs and other nasty creatures, you have what Peter Jackson does best. You can tell Peter Jackson enjoyed filming that scene.

The T-Rex vs. Kong scene

Again, this is what Jackson does best. I won’t give away what happens, but I loved every minute of it.

While the movie had major problems during the useless boat trip, it is the end I have the most problems with. King Kong’s trek through the city is interesting, but drags on when he’s on top of the building, fighting planes. It was at this point I wanted to push Kong off the building to get the movie over with.

In the end, fun movie, but it was disappointing as well.

Grade B-

Black: “Am I reading a crazy map, or a George Lucas script?”


Nice shot and scene, but drags on forever.


I always loved the New York shots.


Black: “F’ you, I’m not doing Envy 2.”

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Stacy Ferguson and Mr. T?

I hate the Black Eyed Peas and so should you
Strange But true fact about the hot Stacy Ferguson from The Black Eyed Peas: She co-starred with the Great Mr. T himself in the horrible video Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool!. Yes, the same video that has Mr. T Break-Dancing and rapping. Not sure which one is her though…
Look for yourself here

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Marry Christmas Everyone!!

I am thankful for hot Robot Chicks, like Kos-Mos
Things I am thankful for…

I am thankful that was able to experience things I’ve never experience this year.

~Being a guest DJ for a poplar radio station for one day: learning the ins and outs of the radio industry.

~Watching a live taping of a Local News Channel: I took an entire tour of WAVE3 and we even walked into a main studio as they were filming a live broadcast. Note: they don’t do that too much.

~Actually seeing a local Alt-newspaper’s HQ.

~Learning how to write for various medias.

~Pushing myself harder than I ever thought was possible in school. I went from an F in my Chemistry class to a freaking B by the end of the semester. I never worked as hard as I did that Semester.

~I actually broke a freaking scan gun and was nearly fired over it. I loved every minute of it.

~I became a Blogger this year. I never thought that would happen.

~I’ve met a lot of friends this year online and offline.

~I’ve pissed more people off this year, and I love it.

~I’ve gotten in touch with friends of my past.

~Going to two weddings, One being an Algerian wedding.

So, overall despite some downs, this has been the best year I’ve had in a long time.

Marry Christmas Everyone!!

Boom goes Dr. Arzt

One of my Favorite scenes in Lost was when a nerdy teacher tries to show the rest of the survivors how to handle explosives. Just as he finishes speaking, boom!!! He blows himself up in front of the other people. Great Scene, even though I knew it was going to happen, I still jumped.

Best lines after Dr. Arzt blows himself up…

Hurley (to Kate after Arzt blew up): "Dude, That was messed up."

Hurley: "Dude, You have some Arzt on you."

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bombs Over Baghdad

Yet another Outkast: video Bombs Over Baghdad

Comment: Has nothing to do with Gulf Wars 1 or 2, but has a nice beat.

Warning the video has been edited; we can’t see the women shake their “junk”. Note: look for a nod to Knightrider with the truck bit.

Spamman Begins (Returns, Forever, Spamman and Robin)

Evil little spammers

I went into my archives and found a new Spam comment hidden away, knowing that I wouldn’t find it if I didn’t search for it. Instead of placing it in my recent front page, they placed it in an old June archive. What is wrong with these people?

BTW, I haven’t had a Spam comment until on my front page until today, it could mean only one thing: Spammers have returned

Griffin vs. Fanning=Seacrest winning

What do Kathy Griffin, Dakota Fanning, and Ryan Seacrest have to do with each other?

Comment: Annoying but sometimes funny lady Griffin made an offhanded remark about Dakota Fanning. Griffin got fired for that remark check it

(("Apparently, Ted told my reps that the E! red carpet is a puzzle and I am a piece of the puzzle, which is a wonderful puzzle piece, but I don't fit this particular puzzle, and that when I see the puzzle, I will get it," Griffin says. "They kept saying, 'When you see the new puzzle, you will know it is not a personal insult.' I was like, 'Are you kidding?' I got canned, bottom line."))

So people are no longer fired anymore they “have to see their place in the puzzle”. WTF?

Of course Fanning people were pissed…here.

The joke Griffin made wasn’t even that funny or offensive. Relax E!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New rings on Uranus (yeah read that out Loud and you’ll laugh),,2-2005590385,00.html

Useless Facts about Uranus (hee hee)

~It is a gas giant. (Yeah, another anus joke). Meaning unlike earth, the majority of the planet is a whirlwind of various gases. The planet is part of the Jupiter family. Also known as Jovian planets.

~Unlike the other Gas Giants, on its surface, it has smaller traces of hydrogen (H) and helium (HE).

~Another thing that makes it different from other Gas Giants is that it’s tilted differently. One pole is actually pointed directly at the Sun. You would think the pole pointed at the sun would be hotter than the rest of the planet, but it’s not. No one knows why this is the case. Magic?

~It has 21 moons. Many not looking like our own, mostly random rocks that got caught in orbit.

The XBOX mod

The XBOX mod? Man, this is crazy

Comment: The system was modified with a nice size hard drive.

((The complaint affidavit alleges Jones and Bryant, who co-own the ACME Game Store in Los Angeles, sold Xbox game consoles, that Cai modified. The chips and hard drives apparently allowed the user to copy rented or borrowed games onto the consoles for future playback.))

((During the investigation, undercover agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement say they paid $265 to have a modification chip a hard drive and 77 pirated games installed in an Xbox. Loeser said the department priced the games found on the hard drive at more than $3,000. "You can fit about 80 video games on a 250 gigabyte hard drive," he said. "They'll run you about $50 each."))

Sorry, they’re $60 each. Sounds like a good deal to me. It looks like they messed up when they sold them at the store. But really are there really 80 games worth playing on XBOX?

Police report,1,3642706.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

Comment: Remember that Police beating in New Orleans with that old man? Well, two cops have lost their jobs over it.

((Police Supt. Warren J. Riley announced that Robert Evangelist and Lance Schilling had been fired.))

Those were the two that beat him until there was blood, and let him lay in for a while face down.

((A third officer accused of grabbing a reporter during the incident, Stuart M. Smith, was suspended for 120 days, the department said.))

Remember, this was the one that shoved a reporter, and then felt bad about it afterwards by giving him his badge number.

((Police officials have suggested that the stress shouldered by many officers after the hurricane might have contributed to the incident. As much as three-quarters of the force was left homeless.))

This might be true, but in times of crisis, people look to the Law Enforcement officers for guidance and support. Unlike the rest of the public, they have to maintain order, not destroy it. That’s what separates them from the thugs that stole food from starving families. When they start acting like the trash themselves, we have a problem.


Two off-duty Baltimore police officers were killed,1,5643197.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

Comment: ((Two off-duty Baltimore police officers were shot to death at a suburban town house, and another law enforcement officer turned himself in a short time later, authorities said.))

This is very vague…

Gwen Stefani (It's Peanut Butter Baby Time!!!)

"Call me, James."

Gwen Stefani announced that she's pregnant, and I am disappointed.

Comment: The Hollaback Girl is pregnant and it wasn’t me, whew. I really dig this chick; I think she’s very cute. She’ll now have her very own little “Hollaback” girl.

Because I sing this stupid song all the time, here’s the Hollaback video

Enjoy. I also have to love that she wears a skimpy bandleader uniform. I had a “thing” for my high school bandleader years ago. (Yes she was female).

BIGGIE party isn’t complete until someone is stabbed, so…

Comment: Some people got F’ed up at Biggie’s (dead) release party.

((NEW YORK -- Three people were stabbed early Wednesday at a Manhattan club that was hosting a record release party for a new collection of duets featuring slain rapper Notorious B.I.G.))

Can there ever be a party that P-Diddy (Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, Puff the Magic Dragon) goes to that doesn’t involve shooting or stabbing, jeez.

Can BIG stop releasing albums now? I wonder which dead guy has made more albums 2Pac or BIG.

Answer: Elvis

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I heard the worst cough I’ve ever encountered in my life. I was walking toward the guard shack, leaving work. Suddenly, I heard this hacking noise that encompassed the entire area like a blast. It was a horrible sound, loud and ragged. It was a cough that told you he didn’t have much time to live.

~For some reason, my mind keeps going back to my terrible experiences in high school. High school was one of the worst times of my life, and probably because I just didn’t “fit in” with the various groups. During that time, I actually stressed myself out about that fact.

~Also in high school, I hated the girls I went to class with. I swear I really did. Since I wasn’t one of the cool guys, they wouldn’t even talk to me, they pretty much ignored me. Then, I would see them basically falling over themselves for those stupid Football/Basketball players. And, people wondered why I didn’t go to my prom.

~Things are extremely busy at work. I mean really crazy. I can’t wait till this season is over.

~Want to know how lazy I am? I won’t even bother to pick up pennies that I’ve dropped.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Spanish Mr. T

Spanish Mr. T? WTF

Comment: The heck is this. Why is A Mexican guy wearing a fake Mr. T mask? What are they talking about?


Here’s the cover to the new (direct to DVD) American Pie movie. Now ask yourself: Why was this made again?

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Cheaper by the Turd 2

Comment: Here’s a review of the unnecessary sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Wasn’t one enough. Yes, I know the 1st one made a lot of money, (That’s a mystery that not even the Scooby gang could solve), but they didn’t have to make another one. I tried to watch the first one, but felt my brain losing hit points by the minute, so I


Hussein is a crybaby

Comment: I’ve never been a fan of Bush or Bush’s polices, but I have to come out and say this, Saddam Hussein is a big crybaby.

((I was beaten on every part of my body and marks are still on top of my body and that was done by Americans," Hussein said. "Yes, were were beaten by the Americans and we were tortured, every one of us."))

All I have to say to that is so what. If there was one person I didn’t care was beaten it would be Saddam Hussein. Hussein is trying to use the huge mistrust the Middle East has for the US to his advantage. What a dumb @ss…

Note: I don’t agree with the beating and torture that has happened over the years to prisoners, but I can look the other way with Hussein.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New X-Men 3 trailer

New X-Men 3 trailer

Comment: I actually liked the trailer. Surprisingly, it shows a bit of a main character’s death. If we are led to believe that A certain person with a vision problem will meet his end, it will be the reintroduction of a character that “died” at the end of X2

Serenity out on DVD

Watch the 1st 9 mins of Serenity

Comment: This movie kicks butt, and I found it better than Firefly, which spawned it. It is a shame the movie didn’t do better. It’s out on DVD, go out and rent it now, please.

Trust me on this one.

Getting Christmas on your butt

Uh, I like Christmas (holiday, which one do I say. I haven’t decided which side of this War on Christmas I side with.). No, I love Christmas.

Back when I was an angry child, Christmas was the only holiday where I felt happy. I would remember trying my best to sleep on Christmas Eve, but I couldn’t because I wanted to see my gifts. Plus, Christmas was the time when folks in my crazy family would put aside their petty differences and come over and have a good time. Ah, the good times.

Then, I saw the other side of Christmas. The retail side. Thanks to Corporate America (Axis of evil), I saw how petty people acted when they didn’t get their overpriced item, acting like complete children. This opened my eyes how stupid people act over items.

Then there’s this whole War Over Christmas thing (there’s a freaking book on the subject guys and girls). Can we stop fighting over what is Christmas vs. Holiday? Can we stop fighting over the last XBOX 360 (1.5) in front of our children? Can I get my sleep pattern back?

Britney Spears Still dumb and now a dumb mother, and Sex Tape pending.

Britney Spears has sued Us Weekly

Comment: What did they say? There was a sex tape out there with Briv and Dorkface?

((According to the suit, the item was published with the headline: "Brit & Kev: Secret Sex Tape? New parents have a new worry: racy footage from 2004."))

With her career at a complete stand still, a sex tape would help at this point. If there wasn’t a sex tape, why worry, Britney? Without proof, it would have been completely forgotten in a month.

Does everyone remember when J-lo sued to keep a Sex Tape out of the public eye? Hmm…
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