Friday, October 31, 2014

Ron Jones' Who Watches the Watchers?

Ron Jones' Who Watches the Watchers?
This is probably my favorite track of from Ron Jones' collection of TNG scores. I often think he's been overlooked as a composer for Trek. The score does a wonderful job of conveying an alien woman seeing an advance ship for the first time.
The entire episode is a great display into why the Federation has the Prime Directive. I don't agree with Gene's starch stance on the PD during TNG, but I still believe there is some merit to it. 
 Here's where the track is used. Such a wonderful collection of scenes.

Picard takes a big gamble by beaming the female leader on board the ship, but this is truly a Picard moment. Nuria is smartly written because she figures out that Picard isn't a god on her own. When your characters can figure out things it makes them a better characters I think. This is where I think Trek shines more than other “message” shows.
After Gene left the show, the show did a better job of conveying issues by embedding them in the story and not having the characters preach to us. The first season of TNG got a little too preachy because I think Gene didn't have to skill to pormote his views of the world through good writing and TNG suffered because of it. Once Gene started to move away from TNG, I think show got better.
We should get morals and issues through the plot and character develop not through preaching.
Here are a few more tracks

Random Things

Random Things
~Seth Rogen to play Wozniak?: I think this casting would work. Yep, there is another Steve Jobs movie in the works. I guess no one remembers the shitty Ashton Kutcher version. So, this is like the two volcano movies. Here's hoping the curse of Kutcher doesn't hurt this movie too.
~Charlie Sheen wants to return to his old show (Two and Half Men): Why? The show wasn't very good when you were on it, and now it is even worst. I guess he wants to make appearance despite the fact his characters is supposed to be dead. Speaking of Kutcher didn't he make this show even worst?
~Sam Lutfi: I was just reading about Amanda Bynes having another downfall. And, this guy's name popped up in many of the stories written about her. Bynes is going through a very public meltdown and his name is attached to it. I realized that Lutfi's name was attached to another famous woman that went through another public meltdown, Britney Spears. The news talked about him back in 2008 just like today. So, who the hell is this guy? Make sure to check out the link above because there are some amusing things about this leech. I want to know this; How did he get his claws into Amanda?   

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jaden Smith: Blue Ocean

Jaden Smith:  Blue Ocean
Jaden, we need to talk.  First, you aren’t your father.  Second, you aren’t Outkast.  It feels like Jaden is trying to channel Outkast with their third album here.  The artists singing in the long version are very good, but Jaden’s shitty rapping and singing stand out like a turn in an ice cream sandwich. 
Somehow, his talented parents still want to convince the world that Jaden has something to add to it.  He doesn’t.  He simply doesn’t have the charm of his father or the acting chops of his mother.  (She’s great in Gotham)  This recording career is just another sad attempt at forcing us to like him. 
Then again, paying for those Scientology courses aren’t cheap right, Jaden? 
I can see where there is a good song to be forced out of this track, but it is not within Jaden’s skill level to do that.  If you can’t take the time to hone your skills, go back to being rich, dressing like super heroes and taking Scientology courses. 
Will Smith, stop trying to push your children onto us.  

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport
I usually have no faith in humanity and think we're all doomed. However, sometimes people do surprise me, and they do the right thing. This is one of those cases. This redneck attempts to bully this feminine guy, calling every gay slur in the book. And, then he starts beating the shit out of the guy for no other reason that the redneck hates gay people.
The fact so many people take this redneck down makes me feel a little better about this planet...a little. Plus, this happened in Texas, and it goes to show you not everyone hates gay people. I love the fact all these people take the redneck down. You can't reason with real bullies, because they only know violence. You sometimes have to shove back with equal power to prove a point. 
-You're a big man taking off your hoodie: Even behaving in this way can get you arrested.
-The guy in the hat tries to talk him down, but the redneck just wants to beat this guy up. He has to be drunk.
-The police need to be commended for not overreacting, but this could have gotten worst.
-Redneck Dude, how about wearing an undershirt? I am a big guy and I never leave home without an undershirt. Just in case you get jacked up, you won't show your belly flab.
-Did you catch the racial remark too?  

Yee Kombat

Yee Kombat

That is all. I have no idea why I love this meme so much, but I do.   

Monday, October 27, 2014

That's not what she said...

Dumb and old joke, but...
Let's take a closer look...
 Yep, I was doing my travels through the local bike trails in Louisville, and I came across this golden oldie.
You read that right. Someone wrote in a “That's what she said” joke onto the Slippery When Wet sign, Someone took the time to write the joke out in permanent marker. The thing is this person will never know the reactions people will have to his "upgrade" and he has to rely on good faith that someone like me would find it amusing.  And I do.  
Now, I get to share it with you...enjoy? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

That Bing Car...

I was at a Chinese Restaurant before going on my bicycle ride. 
 I was waiting on my shrimp fried rice to arrive when I looked out the front window and noticed a strange car with cameras mounted on a pole pondering from the roof. I was first like, “Oh, crap. Is that the Google Maps Car?”
Upon closers inspection, it was the Bing Maps Car. You know, the lower level search engine. When you can't find it on Google or Yahoo, use Bing. I quickly pulled out my camera and flashed a few shots of the car. 

 After snapping a few shots, I realized that the Bing Car probably has photos of me snapping photos of it. It's kind of meta don't you think? I have to do some digging and find out if they have now have photos of me. 

Fire that #$%^

Fire that #$%^
This might be my favorite McDonald's freakout video. They poured a Minute Maid drink on the counter guy's head and threw all the orders onto the floor. And, then destroyed two computers.
I also like the overweight guy at the end getting pissed because the women destroyed his meal and the computers to place another order. Don't piss off a fat dude, ladies.
Only to be outdone...

Duck Dynasty Videogame...

Duck Dynasty Videogame...
This is actually a videogame! They actually made a videogame out of this shit. I've never seen a single episode of this shit, but I've read and seen so much about these poop heads. Whenever I go to Walmart, I encounter their merchandise.
Like a bad case of warts, they're infected videogames.
Everything I ever wanted to learn about duck hunting I learned from Duck Hunt. By the way, Jean-Luc?

Can we say shovel-ware?  

Another Great Lexi Belle story...

Another Great Lexi Belle story...
One of my popular posts has to be the Lexi Belle post I wrote about her totally out of line remark about victims' families and what she would do for them in favor. Well, there another Lexi Belle story that just gives me the total creeps now.
Yes, he realized mid-spank it was his foster cousin...ouch.
Well, it is not like pornstars grown on trees and are picked when they're ripe.  Or grown from the ground like pumpkins.  Hmm...They have to come from somewhere. 
I have no idea how I would act in this situation. Even if it was a friend that turned into the Next Peter North. I seriously doubt any of my friends from high school would turn up to be porn actors. Some are nerds and others are in strange religions, really.
I have to give the writer credit for being open and having a relationship with her now, instead of “slut shaming” her.
I'm going to be honest here, I've seen a many of Lexi Belle's scenes over the years, because she is certainly one of two of my types. Heck, I remember when her stage name was Nollie. But, I might give second thoughts about doing the deed to her now...might.
BTW, I've turned up a lot of photos of her sitting in front of plates of foods in restaurants...Clothed.  
Right on the money.  More like: If you more than 30 Pornstars, you are forever alone.  (Nods my head sadly)

Friday, October 24, 2014

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!
Here's another reason to hate this Selfie culture. Uh, someone just got shot and you want to take a picture with Anderson? This guy is on my prick list.
From Huff Candana, ((Anderson Cooper shut down a Sun News contributor who asked to have a picture taken with the news anchor while reporting from a fatal shooting in Ottawa. ))
The best part is he then took the video onto Twitter and YT with a rant as if Anderson was in the wrong. Oh, and then he goes on stating why he wanted the photo and blamed Anderson.
From Huffington Post, (("I can't believe CNN would employ you when you SWEAR to your fans," he tweeted. "I simply asked for a photo. YOU are exploiting this tragedy by flying to Ottawa from NYC. I just got out of a 12 hr lockdown." ))
I am sorry but you can't switch the heat to Anderson when you were the one demanding a photo and getting all butt-hurt about it. Yes, you got out of a 12 hour lockdown. That means you shouldn't be in any mood to take any selfies. What is wrong with you, mate?
Gene did apologize. From his Twitter Page, ((I unreservedly apologize for my actions yesterday. It was completely inappropriate, disrespectful, and distasteful. ))
And, now he's out of a job. I think he shouldn't have gotten fired though. He should be titled a prick and a douche or get a suspension, but not the ax.
Damn, Twitter has a track record with getting people fired. 
When you're in the press and you become the news, you're doing it wrong. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cha-Ching: Seth Green and that Rally's Commercial

Cha-Ching: Seth Green and that Rally's Commercial
Yep, this is Seth (Joker) Green.
Dax Shepard was on the Nerdist Podcast talking about Seth Green. Interestingly enough, the ad has the name Snapps, which I guess changed to Rally's by the time I watched it. I remember everyone made the Cha-Ching sound effect at school and at home. This was a very popular regional ad.
They even did a follow up ad with Green.

Gotta love his big 90s hair.  This reminds me of the Dude Dell guy.
This news piece put a smile on my face. 
Yes, the news guy is really lame.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...
I was watching a Let's Play of Sonic Generations, great game, and this City Escape stage came up on the video. City Escape is a grinding/speed stage from Sonic Adventure 2. For Generations, they really changed the last part of the stage...a lot.
Here's the original stage.
You will notice the GUN truck just chases Sonic and crushing cars.
Now, they changed the truck for Generations. (3D version)
The freaking truck now really goes after you and really tries to kill you. It even has saw blades that extend and attack you! Plus, the truck now has booster rockets and its own form of sonic boom. WTF? Did someone give the truck some Red Bull? Damn. I love that the developers changed it and sort of shock old school gamers.  They thought  it was the same stage.
Nice move, Sega.  You can make a good Sonic game after all. 
Here's the “classic” version (2D)
They even remixed the theme song again for the 2D version. By the way, the damn evil truck is back and tries to kill you here too!
This truck REALLY wants to kill you.

I love the reaction the YT'er had upon seeing the difference in the truck's behavior.   

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IKEA Singapore, that was really cool.

By the way, that would mean this kid watched the Shinning.  To be fair, I probably watched it too at his age.  It freaked me out.  I didn’t get all the smaller things with the sound and visual aspects of the movie until I was older. 
Score one for IKEA.  This was clever. 

 By the way, I can't watch the Shinning without hearing those Shone whispers now. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 3

Shawnee Park: Way in the West End. I always liked riding through this park, because it has an old fashion feel to it. It is a very big park. Most people overlook that. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tainted Love

Tainted Love
Yep, this is the original version. Here's another song written in the 60s and preformed by a black singer. Gloria Jones did this version, and she's really good. Even the “thump-thump, getaway” is similar to the Soft Cell version.
I really like both versions. Soft Cell's version is slower than the Jones' version. Again, we get those strange 80s sound effects, however they work in this song.
By the way, Bioshock Infinite did a version. I love this version too. I think Fink, from the game, heard Jones' version.
And, let's not forget the Coneheads version.  

I Got Mind Set on You (60s version) James Ray

I Got Mind Set on You (60s version)
Sound familiar? It should. Everyone remembers the George Harrison version. However, the song was written in 1962 by Rudy Clark. And James Ray performed the song for the record. I believe most, including me, weren't aware that the Harrison version is a cover of this song. I dig some digging and came across this older version.  (Nope, there wasn't tear in space and time and an older composer heard the 80s song and rewrote it for his own time period.  Yes, that was a Bioshock Infinite reference.)
Also, people remember the strange and creepy music video that played over and over again on MTV right?
Look, I am not a fan of Harrison's version. I actually do a wimpy version of the song when someone mentions this version. However, the creepy room coming to life makes you remember. You can tell this was composed in the 80s because of the reverb drum beats and the synthetic sound effects.
By the way, are those things ghosts? What about the animals? And, the clay-animation lips on the dead animals' heads are pretty bad. And, it really stands out.
I hate to sound like a hipster, but the original is better. However, both versions are clearly products of their times.

Just testing image hosting site.

My hero?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 2

These trees have been a fixture on the riverfront for years. Here's a strange fact. Stripes was partly filmed here. Louisville stands in for New York. The scene where Bill Murray takes that old lady around town was partly filmed directly where I am standing. You can see these barrels with the same plants in the movie.
Check the 58 second mark in the video below. This area hasn't changed that much since that movie. They took out the railroad tracks to the left side of the clip and that's pretty much it.

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1
I only like doing two things in my life, biking and writing.  I thought to myself, “Why not combine the two loves like Reese’s Buttercups?  Share some of your travels through the city via camera and your blog.”
I hate cameras and hate most of the selfie culture today, but I caved in and got a 40-dollar camera to show some of my travels.  Plus, I see some crazy shit out there and wished I had a camera to show it off. 
Here is part one of three of my travel from Downtown to West and South Louisville. 
Also remember I was too lazy to set the date and time correctly,  These photos did in fact happen yesterday. 
 I took this “wonderful” photo as I started to prepare for my trip.  I usually park my car at the Waterfront Park.  I probably spend more time there than any other place.  You’re probably going to spot me there than any other place.  Check out the new bike I got earlier this year and the new bike rack.
By the way, those apartments in the back are fairly new and they're building more.  There is a dock too.  I will probably show that area off on another ride. 

Coming Soon: Photos of my bike trip

I just got a digital camera and took pictures of one of my long bike rides.  Photos coming soon with commentary.  
Please note the date.  I got the camera yesterday and didn't bother putting the right date on the photos.  Damn it.  This is my first picture after buying the camera.  I am right outside the Meijer store. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

After beating up a 50 year old man, they attempt to throw him off the train.

After beating up a 50 year old man, they attempt to throw him off the train.
I look at our black youth and shake my head. We're doomed. We sit there wonder why the black can't seem to get ahead. This video is a prime example of that. Then we also have those videos of angry mobs of black teens going around and beating up random people. (This happened in Louisville recently)
What has happened to the black community?  
I hope these asshole are arrested.
1 You have black teenagers trying to gang up on an older man: Then they attempt to murder him by throwing him off a moving train.
2 Groups of other black youths doing nothing, but watching it. How about trying to stop the fight in order to save your friends from going to jail?
3 You have black girls egging on the fight between these people while shouting “World Star”. If you want to know if something is ratchet, just listen for the world star approval shout.

We are doomed if this what our community has to offer.   

Shia LaBeouf “explains” why he got arrested...

Shia LaBeouf “explains” why he got arrested...

Okay, this story actually makes me laugh. He makes himself look like a tool and explains how and why he got arrested. I still hate Shia, but this is amusing. At least he copped to his arrest with a story though. And, we finally get the back story on the video with him chasing a bum.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zhane: Shame

Zhane: Shame
Kicking it live like it ain't no thang 
  I remember this group from the 90s. Yes, there were some really good groups to come out of that era. This group was one of them. Yes, a R&B group that could actually sing. This song comes from the movie Low Dirty Shame. The song is a remake from Evelyn Champagne back in 1978. I actually remember the original.
Here's the disco original by Champagne
Her version is much faster, probably because this comes from the disco era of music, when you sped up the music so people could really dance.
The remake has a few remixes as well. This is a mortified version that was used in the movie with another artist.

Yee Axel?

Yee Axel?

Random Stuff (Pre-Ripped)

Random Stuff
 ~So long Chalky White and Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire: This show really likes to kill off its major characters left and right. They've been doing this a lot this season, but I was shocked to the gangster Chalky White bite the dust. This show has some good writing.  This is the last season.
 ~Teen brags about a threesome with two of teachers from high school and gets them arrested: I am starting to see more and more stories of female teachers getting it on with the male students over the years. Somehow, these teachers arranged to get together and band a jurior student. Because he bragged about it, it finally got around to the police. One teacher was 24 and the other 32. It is wrong what they did, but how the hell does this happen. If you're hot, why are dipping into the student pool? There are more than enough men out there willing to fulfill your threesome needs. Most of the teachers in my high school HATED my guts and would write me up for the most minor infraction because I was such a loner smart-ass. I couldn't have imagined a damn threesome. Heck, most of the girls my age hated me too. 
 ~Pre-ripped jeans: Why would someone buy fucked up jeans from a store? Why someone would pay money to own jeans that look like you got into a knife fight with a little person with a switchblade? Buy some normal jeans, and pay me five bucks to slash them up for ya. I saw a co-worker wearing some the other day, and I had no idea they were still a thing. Why? 
 She has ripped jeans and no shirt.  Did a giant moth attack her or a collection of smaller moths? 

opinions are like a box of flowers...uh bungholes?

 Despite the fact I agree with some aspects of Gamer Gate, I am actually going to defend Polygon's reviewer Arthur Gies. Gies's review falls under a different category than say gaming journalists reporting on shit, this is just a person writing his opinion. Reviews are someone's opinion nothing more. They range from objective to subjective. As long as the studio or publisher doesn't pay for an opinion, anything goes. You either take that opinion seriously when you're deciding to buy that game or movie or you don't.
Opinions are like assholes, everyone can bury their faces in them. Wait, how does that saying go again? Shit. Where's the delete button?
I've been writing reviews for almost ten years now. No matter what people say, everything that has influenced you in the past does impact how you view a piece of material. Everything effects your view or opinion no matter how objective you are to the piece. That's what opinion pieces and reviews are about. Unlike reporting the news fairly, reviews are the opinion of that writer.
Does Gies have a hangup on the sexualization of Bayonetta? Maybe, but I have my hangups too. Certain movies, such as Oliver Stone movies that I feel completely ruin the movie. I feel Stone destroys his stories with his far left wing views because they take over the narrative. If the over-sexualization ruins the game for him (Partly), that's his own opinion and nothing more. Take that with any grain of salt or poop. This is merely Gies' view, there are so many positive reviews on the damn game that it doesn't matter if Gies gives the game a lower rating. Right now, the game is at 91% on metacritic. That's extremely good for a Wii U game. His review is merely a drop in a larger bucket of water. It really isn't part of the bigger battle going on,
For me, if he has a problem with the sexualization in this game, he should play any of the Dead or Alive or the Ride to Hell games. His head would explode (both heads). Seriously, Ride to Hell has some serious problems with the way it portrays women. Yet, I don't hear many people talking about that game.
Guys, it is just a critic writing a review. If you don't like his opinion, make your own review and counter his when you get the game. We now have the ability to write and record reviews on our own. I really don't see this being a part of the bigger GG thing as some would like it to be.
If anything, this is free advertising for Nintendo and Bayonetta 2. Because both of them need this game to be a hit.

Ashton Kutcher: You're rotten...and not fresh (RT that is)

Ashton Kutcher: You're rotten...and not fresh
Set expression to "default" setting. 
I watched about 30 minutes of the movie No Strings Attached on regular cable. (I did it to see Mindy Kaling and I think I really have a thing for her now.) And, I came to realization that maybe Kutcher sucks all around. If you've read my blog long enough, I really hate this guy a lot. I really don't think he has much talent at all.
Back in 2005, people still liked him, now I think people are finally seeing that he's just a shittier version of Nic Cage. I went to work today and asked a few people, “What's your favorite Ashton Kutcher movie?”
I got looks of total confusion and none answers. People really couldn't think of a good movie he's been in. One friend had answer. She said, “The Butterfly Effect”.
I shot back, “Have you watched that movie with 2014 eyes?”
And, I sort of still like Dude Where's My Car. But most if not all are total shit. So, for the sake of reaffirming my beliefs, I checked the holy site of Rotten Tomatoes for support. I actually was in total shock with how low all his movies are. Check it out. Don't take my word for it.

His highest rated movie is No Strings Attached (2011) with 49%. Heck, some of his movies even seem like the same thing. Like What Happens in Vegas and Just Married. Other than Dude, I can't seem to find anything else he's done that's I can even consider okay.   
It is like he likes to wallow in shit.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Michelle Monaghan and Ruth Wilson

Michelle Monaghan and Ruth Wilson
 I've been watching True Detective on HBO again and honestly thought the wife (Monaghan) was the same actress from the show Luther. On Luther, there is this crazy anti-hero woman that helps main character out whenever he is in trouble. She is actually played by Ruth Wilson, a completely different woman from Monaghan. Wilson is also starring on the interesting Showtime show The Affair.
The SF posted his Hottie for this week and this got me digging into Monaghan and Google auto-suggest filled in the other actress Ruth Wilson.
Maybe it is the sharp eyebrows that make them look similar?   

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anaconda Poetry Reading

Anaconda Poetry Reading

Yep, she wants her drug-dealing men to “go down” on her with their grillz. Okay. She also brags about her rear end as if she was born with it. Sorry, that's all ass-implants, lady.    

D&D movie thoughts

Lol, you know I cry if I knew Scar would beat the living shit out of me.
The D&D movie almost feels like a Boll film doesn't it? 

-D&D was that thing super groups of nerds would that played the game in the library at school and in the lunch room. While I was an outsider and a geek, I was that nerdy to play D&D. And, now I am a little jealous I didn't attempt to try it after all the Community episodes.
-Yes, I watched the first movie, and there was a sequel, and I even sat through the DVD commentary and deleted scenes. Commentary was painful, but it was not as bad as the movie. The director knew his D&D but not how to make a movie.
-Breast Plate literally: Really? The female elf literally has a breastplate with nipple indents in them. I am all for marveling at the female figure, but how does that help her in battle? Distraction?
-Dr. Who: Yep, Tom Baker actually shuffled in and did a tiny role for this movie, and I totally forgot about that. I am hoping we can connect it to the Who universe somehow.
-Snails is the worst Jar-Jar impression ever.
Check out the review where this came from.

I thought gaming was supposed to be fun?

COD player rage

Wait, I thought games were for fun, and not raging about something that isn't real? I just don't get the COD crowd at all.   

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fiddle de Chocobo by moonbowmusicmovie

Fiddle de Chocobo by moonbowmusicmovie
I've posted Moon Bow's music here before. I always like their interpretations of videogame music. Plus, they have some amazing recording equipment, because their tracks always sound amazing.
Anyone that's played FF7 has heard fiddle de chocobo a lot. I always enjoyed listening to FF7's score because it is probably the most varied in styles and feeling as far as VG music goes. While the soundtrack alone does have a bit of a midi sound to it, the actual writing of the music is outstanding. FF8 has a better sound, but FF7 has more variety.
Here's the original version.

Friday, October 10, 2014


This is probably one of the worst shows I've ever witnessed. I can't believe this was greenlit by the network. I hate social media, for the most part, and I hate the selfie generation. Not every event needs to have you making a “duck face” in front of it. Selfie is just an outgrowth of that stupid hashtag growing legion of vapid men and women that I truly loathe.
I heard about this show and I needed something to watch while I ironed my shirts. So, I watched the first episode on demand.
Selfie is why I generally don't watch much network TV (except for Agents of Shield). F' this show. The fact it is trying to capture that hashtag twitter/FB group just angers me. Plus, this crowd is too busy making selfies and food pictures to even bother watching this show. Basically, they're too self-absorbed to care.  So, who is this show for?  By the way, Selfie feels like the cheaper version of The Mindy Project which is a better show.  I like the lead character on that show. 
John Cho tries. He really tries in this shitty show, but the amount of social media bullshit around him just kills it. Cho, you can do better than this shit. I know the show is really trying to make his character the good guy nerd, but the selfie aspect of the show just doesn't mesh with his character.
Karen Gillan is annoying. However, she actually captures the Kim-K annoying nature down to pat. So, I really hate her a lot. Who cares about talent when you have a kickass twitter account right? I guess mission accomplished.
So, that would make it a Gone-ie? 

RIP Jan Hooks

RIP Jan Hooks

From Huffington Post, ((Former "Saturday Night Live" star Jan Hooks died on Thursday. Her representative confirmed the news to HuffPost Entertainment, but had no further comment on Hooks' death. She was 57 years old. ))
I remember watching her on SNL way-way back in the day. This was around the time when Phil Hartman and others were on the show. I always liked her characters  and thought she was a funny lady, so this came as a shock to me. She was only 57.  They haven't revealed how she died. 
I of course fondly remember her from this...
Pee Wee's Big Adventure:  There's no basement in the Alamo
She really captured those annoying tour guides. 
By the way, when Jan says, “Do we have any Mexicans here today?”, Pee Wee's hand goes up! I never noticed that before.  What a great scene.  

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Stephen Collins WTF?

Stephen Collins, you're done, dude
I've been following this story for a couple of days and this is really shocking and sickening. Keep in mind that Stephen Collins, a religious guy, is very important to the Star Trek Universe because he was Commander/Captain Decker in Star Trek The Motion Picture. His character plays a big part in that movie, and I've watched that movie over a hundred times. Now, that movie is basically tainted for me knowing that Collins messed around with young girls. (That's plural)
The record was leaked out detailing what Collins did. And, there have been some reactions to it. He just got shit-canned from Ted 2, thankfully. Everybody needs to put as much distance as possible from this guy, because I am sure more stuff is going to be revealed. It looks like his role had something to do with William Shatner at Comic-Con.
What is even more confusing is Collins actually attacked Jessica Biel and the magazine because she posed for the cover back in 2000 calling it “child pornography ”. That's the rain calling the river wet.

Damn, this is so f'ed up.   
Captain/Commander Decker was the character TNG based William Riker on.  True Story.  Even his position in the movie is the same.  Plus, the "past lover" story is remodeled for the Troi/Riker relationship.  

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Shadow of Mordor contract?

Shadow of Mordor contract?
Yes, Jim is right. Why are these marketing people pulling so hard to give a controlled positive buzz, given that the game currently has 85% to 87% on metacritic? This is a tie-in game and it has a positive vibe to it already. I can almost understand, but not like, why Microsoft was doing with their hidden marketing thing, because they were completely in the shitter with XB1.   However Microsoft almost found itself breaking the law with their agreement. With this, it feels like the shadow peeps simply don't have faith in their own game.
Not revealing bugs also rubs me the wrong way. How about dvs try to make the game as bug free as possible? LPers stumbling on them is part of the thing about Let's Plays.  And, what happens if there is a bug that breaks the game (IE Superman 64)?
And, the strangest rule not mentioning the connection to the movie series of characters. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, because Warner Brothers distributes the Hobbit films and this game is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. They are owned by the same company. Heck some the movie designs are in the damn game.

That's the part of the contract that leaves me confused. Why distance the game from the material it is based on?   Clearly the game is set in the movie universe.  
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