Saturday, October 04, 2014

Daisy Summers/Daisy Haze is a Star Wars fan

Uh, You know you're a geek...when you notice a pornstar's tattoo is a Star Wars tattoo. 
Yep, instead of noticing the extremely cute pornstar Daisy Haze, I noticed she has a Star Wars tattoo. It is the rebel alliance symbol.
Forget about she's an attractive lady, she's a Star Wars fan. She's so much of a fan that she took the time to paint it permanently on her body. Even I won't put a Star Trek tattoo branded on my butt.
If I were a male pornstar, and I saw that symbol on her. I'd keep hearing "Stay on target, Stay on target!"  Plus, I'd keep having sight of Porkins in my head every time despite the fact she NOTHING like Porkins.  Damn it. 
Sorry, this is not what I want in my head!
Yes, this is sad. I am more interested in her SW tattoo than the fact she's cute and gets paid to be naked all the time. I really need to get out more...Yes, ladies, I am more likely to notice your Batman/Superman tattoos and shirts than your physical attributes.

Side note: It is extremely hard to find PG-13 photos of her. I am also finding Jenna Haze photos too.

Does George Lucas have a Daisy Haze tattoo?  


Anonymous said...

Having watched some of her videos, it appears the tattoo is on different sides. Once its on her right hip in other flicks she wears it left hipped. How so?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the video is flipped?

Semaj said...

probably flipped the film

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