Friday, October 10, 2014


This is probably one of the worst shows I've ever witnessed. I can't believe this was greenlit by the network. I hate social media, for the most part, and I hate the selfie generation. Not every event needs to have you making a “duck face” in front of it. Selfie is just an outgrowth of that stupid hashtag growing legion of vapid men and women that I truly loathe.
I heard about this show and I needed something to watch while I ironed my shirts. So, I watched the first episode on demand.
Selfie is why I generally don't watch much network TV (except for Agents of Shield). F' this show. The fact it is trying to capture that hashtag twitter/FB group just angers me. Plus, this crowd is too busy making selfies and food pictures to even bother watching this show. Basically, they're too self-absorbed to care.  So, who is this show for?  By the way, Selfie feels like the cheaper version of The Mindy Project which is a better show.  I like the lead character on that show. 
John Cho tries. He really tries in this shitty show, but the amount of social media bullshit around him just kills it. Cho, you can do better than this shit. I know the show is really trying to make his character the good guy nerd, but the selfie aspect of the show just doesn't mesh with his character.
Karen Gillan is annoying. However, she actually captures the Kim-K annoying nature down to pat. So, I really hate her a lot. Who cares about talent when you have a kickass twitter account right? I guess mission accomplished.
So, that would make it a Gone-ie? 

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