Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 2

These trees have been a fixture on the riverfront for years. Here's a strange fact. Stripes was partly filmed here. Louisville stands in for New York. The scene where Bill Murray takes that old lady around town was partly filmed directly where I am standing. You can see these barrels with the same plants in the movie.
Check the 58 second mark in the video below. This area hasn't changed that much since that movie. They took out the railroad tracks to the left side of the clip and that's pretty much it.
I saw this strange bird chilling on some floating garage in the same area on the Ohio River. I was like, “What a cool looking bird.” So, I took a picture of this guy chilling out. After I snapped the first picture, he gave this sideways look. I guess I pissed him off, and he jumped from his perch and into the water. Telling me to F' Off. What a dick.
What an a-hole.  

 This is part of the huge Louisville bike and hike path (Louisville Loop) There are some homeless that live in the wooding area all around here.  You can see their campfires at night.  It gets creepy at night here.  
 This is under the railroad bridge I was telling about earlier in the first post.  

Louisville & Indiana Railroad brings trains over the bridge and sometimes parks these cars here. This is a train interchange area. That's where on company leaves train cars for another company to take them to another location. When a railroad company doesn't have rights to uses another company's tracks, they leave the cars here so the other company can pick them up for a new location. L&I leaves them here and NS railroad picks up the cars, and NS does the same for L&I because NS doesn't deliver in many of the areas that L&I covers. 

 I'm in Portland near the NS K&I bridge  This train bridge sees a lot of traffic.  Interesting enough, there were NO Trains when I passed through.  NS, CSX's main rival, owns this bridge, but allows CSX to use the bridge to cross over to New Albany.  CSX barely uses those tracks anymore in NA. 

I'm in the West End Louisville. This bike lane is new. I am heading into Shawnee Park.  There is usually an old man that sits out here

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