Friday, October 24, 2014

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!
Here's another reason to hate this Selfie culture. Uh, someone just got shot and you want to take a picture with Anderson? This guy is on my prick list.
From Huff Candana, ((Anderson Cooper shut down a Sun News contributor who asked to have a picture taken with the news anchor while reporting from a fatal shooting in Ottawa. ))
The best part is he then took the video onto Twitter and YT with a rant as if Anderson was in the wrong. Oh, and then he goes on stating why he wanted the photo and blamed Anderson.
From Huffington Post, (("I can't believe CNN would employ you when you SWEAR to your fans," he tweeted. "I simply asked for a photo. YOU are exploiting this tragedy by flying to Ottawa from NYC. I just got out of a 12 hr lockdown." ))
I am sorry but you can't switch the heat to Anderson when you were the one demanding a photo and getting all butt-hurt about it. Yes, you got out of a 12 hour lockdown. That means you shouldn't be in any mood to take any selfies. What is wrong with you, mate?
Gene did apologize. From his Twitter Page, ((I unreservedly apologize for my actions yesterday. It was completely inappropriate, disrespectful, and distasteful. ))
And, now he's out of a job. I think he shouldn't have gotten fired though. He should be titled a prick and a douche or get a suspension, but not the ax.
Damn, Twitter has a track record with getting people fired. 
When you're in the press and you become the news, you're doing it wrong. 


MC said...

Sun News is our sub-Fox News equivalent.

Semaj said...

Looking at the wiki page I can see that. they're not owned in any way by News Corp right? (through side companies)

Semaj said...

Does Canada have a News Corp owned version of a new network?

I know he has his claws in the US Europe and Australia

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