Saturday, October 25, 2014

That Bing Car...

I was at a Chinese Restaurant before going on my bicycle ride. 
 I was waiting on my shrimp fried rice to arrive when I looked out the front window and noticed a strange car with cameras mounted on a pole pondering from the roof. I was first like, “Oh, crap. Is that the Google Maps Car?”
Upon closers inspection, it was the Bing Maps Car. You know, the lower level search engine. When you can't find it on Google or Yahoo, use Bing. I quickly pulled out my camera and flashed a few shots of the car. 

 After snapping a few shots, I realized that the Bing Car probably has photos of me snapping photos of it. It's kind of meta don't you think? I have to do some digging and find out if they have now have photos of me. 

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