Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jaden Smith: Blue Ocean

Jaden Smith:  Blue Ocean
Jaden, we need to talk.  First, you aren’t your father.  Second, you aren’t Outkast.  It feels like Jaden is trying to channel Outkast with their third album here.  The artists singing in the long version are very good, but Jaden’s shitty rapping and singing stand out like a turn in an ice cream sandwich. 
Somehow, his talented parents still want to convince the world that Jaden has something to add to it.  He doesn’t.  He simply doesn’t have the charm of his father or the acting chops of his mother.  (She’s great in Gotham)  This recording career is just another sad attempt at forcing us to like him. 
Then again, paying for those Scientology courses aren’t cheap right, Jaden? 
I can see where there is a good song to be forced out of this track, but it is not within Jaden’s skill level to do that.  If you can’t take the time to hone your skills, go back to being rich, dressing like super heroes and taking Scientology courses. 
Will Smith, stop trying to push your children onto us.  

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