Thursday, October 02, 2014

Police Officer just drives away...

Police Officer just drives away...
A complete and utter dickhead...I mean wow. Not all cops are dicks, but there are some that never want to be bothered and have an attitude when you ask them for something. I've seen it myself. It is like they forget that they actually work for US, because we DO pay them to Protect and Serve. Yes, it may be a shitty job, but stop having a stick up your butt. I've had some bad encounters with cops, but I've had some really good ones too. It is the good cops that always stand out.
This guy isn't one of them.
Basically, this woman was waving this officer down because a guy kidnapped her children at gunpoint and ran. From Crime Blog, ((The woman was referring to her ex, Steven Douglas, who had rammed her car with his pickup and then taken two children out of her car at gunpoint.))
Some other cops did catch up to the guy and shot him down...doing their jobs. Kicker is that this asshole could have saved this guy's life and rescued the children before it got out of hand, “but he was on another call”. Dick.
Right here what, baby? I’m on a call,” 
Everything about these two sentences just makes me mad. Don't call her “baby”, you're not a street thug trying to get dime-bag. And, couldn't you have called dispatch and told them you're switching to this incident, because the suspect is on the scene.
Well, the local PD finally fired his ass. So, good luck working mall security.  

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