Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...
I was watching a Let's Play of Sonic Generations, great game, and this City Escape stage came up on the video. City Escape is a grinding/speed stage from Sonic Adventure 2. For Generations, they really changed the last part of the stage...a lot.
Here's the original stage.
You will notice the GUN truck just chases Sonic and crushing cars.
Now, they changed the truck for Generations. (3D version)
The freaking truck now really goes after you and really tries to kill you. It even has saw blades that extend and attack you! Plus, the truck now has booster rockets and its own form of sonic boom. WTF? Did someone give the truck some Red Bull? Damn. I love that the developers changed it and sort of shock old school gamers.  They thought  it was the same stage.
Nice move, Sega.  You can make a good Sonic game after all. 
Here's the “classic” version (2D)
They even remixed the theme song again for the 2D version. By the way, the damn evil truck is back and tries to kill you here too!
This truck REALLY wants to kill you.

I love the reaction the YT'er had upon seeing the difference in the truck's behavior.   

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