Friday, October 31, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~Seth Rogen to play Wozniak?: I think this casting would work. Yep, there is another Steve Jobs movie in the works. I guess no one remembers the shitty Ashton Kutcher version. So, this is like the two volcano movies. Here's hoping the curse of Kutcher doesn't hurt this movie too.
~Charlie Sheen wants to return to his old show (Two and Half Men): Why? The show wasn't very good when you were on it, and now it is even worst. I guess he wants to make appearance despite the fact his characters is supposed to be dead. Speaking of Kutcher didn't he make this show even worst?
~Sam Lutfi: I was just reading about Amanda Bynes having another downfall. And, this guy's name popped up in many of the stories written about her. Bynes is going through a very public meltdown and his name is attached to it. I realized that Lutfi's name was attached to another famous woman that went through another public meltdown, Britney Spears. The news talked about him back in 2008 just like today. So, who the hell is this guy? Make sure to check out the link above because there are some amusing things about this leech. I want to know this; How did he get his claws into Amanda?   

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