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Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1
I only like doing two things in my life, biking and writing.  I thought to myself, “Why not combine the two loves like Reese’s Buttercups?  Share some of your travels through the city via camera and your blog.”
I hate cameras and hate most of the selfie culture today, but I caved in and got a 40-dollar camera to show some of my travels.  Plus, I see some crazy shit out there and wished I had a camera to show it off. 
Here is part one of three of my travel from Downtown to West and South Louisville. 
Also remember I was too lazy to set the date and time correctly,  These photos did in fact happen yesterday. 
 I took this “wonderful” photo as I started to prepare for my trip.  I usually park my car at the Waterfront Park.  I probably spend more time there than any other place.  You’re probably going to spot me there than any other place.  Check out the new bike I got earlier this year and the new bike rack.
By the way, those apartments in the back are fairly new and they're building more.  There is a dock too.  I will probably show that area off on another ride. 

Here’s a profile of my bike.  It is a Diamond Back.  I put new wheels and green slime inter tubes.  I also added a nice front light and rear red light.  I am really proud of the look of my bike.  
I have an U-Lock and chain for locking up my ride. 
This is at the Waterfront Park.  I rode about a 30 seconds over to the “theater” near the Tumbleweed.  There was an attractive black roller blade woman that I didn’t catch on camera.  I am a creep, but not that much of a creep.  

 Big Four Bridge.  I've lived in the Ville my whole life can't remember this railroad bridge ever being in service.  I remember seeing it sit there being useless.  Now, it is a bridge you can walk or ride over to Southern Indiana.  There are bike trails over there too.  

Lincoln Statue near the bridge.  I really never visit this place.  Do they have "once was a vampire hunter" in his bio?  

There were three major Steamboats docked here.  I know it for something rather huge, but I didn’t bother to look it up.  I do know there were at least 50-100 people walking around fully dressed in 1910-20’s period clothes.  I didn’t get a photo of these folks, but they were there.  
Fourteenth Street Bridge:  I love watching trains and love the ins and outs of railroad stuff.  This bridge rises for boat traffic on the river and it handle a single track for trains.  Trains have to go very slow on this bridge.  Here’s funny part, I used to think CSX owned the bridge due to high amount of CSX trains that cross over it.  However, I discovered that Louisville and Indiana Railroad actually owns the bridge and lets CSX use their bridge and tracks to move trains between KY and Indiana.  CSX is proposing to increase its amount of trains over the bridge and want to make the bridge a 24-hour thing.  They also want to give money to L&I RR improve their tracks, so CSX can move their trains faster through IN.  

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