Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lena Dunham, okay she did right

As much as I want to hate Lena Dunham, and I do, she actually did something righteous for once. I generally hate her series and I hate her stupid statements, such as her comment about the fappening, but for once she corrected something that was probably wrong. And, she didn't make a big stink about it.
She has this book tour going on, which she got paid over 3 million for, and there are performers that perform before her signing...whatever that means. Tickets are being sold for the tour and people are performing as warm up artists.  They were going to get paid for their work.  
From the New York Times story via Gawker, ((The seven who made the final cut won't be making cameos in "Girls," Ms. Dunham's HBO show about Brooklyn 20-somethings. Instead, they'll be the warm-up acts —performing free of charge on an elaborately produced, 11-city tour to promote Ms. Dunham's new book, "Not That Kind of Girl." ))
I'm not a guy that likes handouts, but at least give them some spending around money for the events since it is a thing people pay to get into.  They are doing a job.  
Instead of standing by her first idea, she actualy changed her mind and WILL pay her warm up performers. And, she made some tweets point out her mistake. Can you believe it?
From her Twitter page, ((As an artist raised by artists, no one believes more than I do that creators should be fairly compensated for their work. Some good points were raised and I've ensured that all opening acts will be compensated for their time, their labor and their talents. The fact that Gawker pointed this out really proves Judd Apatow's saying that "a good note can come from anywhere." ))
A fair and balanced response with someone admitting they have a point...I never thought I'd see her do such a thing. I pegged her as something else completely. She actually has my respect for once. I can't I am saying this.
Good on you.

Given that she's making around 3 million on this book, I don't think she cares if she has my respect.  

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