Saturday, October 04, 2014

Left Behind got left behind by the critics

Left Behind got left behind by the critics
I love when movies are so bad that even people that see bad movies for a living are shocked at how bad they are. I am guessing this movie might be one of them. After watching Stuckmann's review, I scrambled to Rotten Tomatoes to see the rating. The Left Behind (2014) movie is at 2%. Two Percent!
Now, here's where things get a little confusing. The audience rating is at 66%. That's fresh. That's a huge gap even for audiences vs. critics. What is going on here? Are getting people rating it higher despite its shitty nature? IMDB has the film rated at a 4.2 out of 10 with over 400 users. Something isn't adding up with the RT user rating.  Also, let's look at Cage's worst movies via RT.  Most of his bad movies have the audience ratings in the 20-30 ranges.  What makes this movie so special with audiences?  So, you're saying a movie with a 2% gets a 66% crowd rating?  
From what I read, this movie is also a disservice to even religious types too. It is more of an airplane drama than a Rapture movie. And, didn't we get this sort of thing on a TV level with The Leftovers? And, I am not very fond of The Leftovers either.
Then, there is the Nicholas Cage factor. No, movie can survive a Nic Cage starring role these days. Nic, stop doing movies with spiritual undertones.

Did they really need to reboot The Left Behind franchise?

2%, somewhere, Kirk Cameron is laughing.  

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