Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Great Lexi Belle story...

Another Great Lexi Belle story...
One of my popular posts has to be the Lexi Belle post I wrote about her totally out of line remark about victims' families and what she would do for them in favor. Well, there another Lexi Belle story that just gives me the total creeps now.
Yes, he realized mid-spank it was his foster cousin...ouch.
Well, it is not like pornstars grown on trees and are picked when they're ripe.  Or grown from the ground like pumpkins.  Hmm...They have to come from somewhere. 
I have no idea how I would act in this situation. Even if it was a friend that turned into the Next Peter North. I seriously doubt any of my friends from high school would turn up to be porn actors. Some are nerds and others are in strange religions, really.
I have to give the writer credit for being open and having a relationship with her now, instead of “slut shaming” her.
I'm going to be honest here, I've seen a many of Lexi Belle's scenes over the years, because she is certainly one of two of my types. Heck, I remember when her stage name was Nollie. But, I might give second thoughts about doing the deed to her now...might.
BTW, I've turned up a lot of photos of her sitting in front of plates of foods in restaurants...Clothed.  
Right on the money.  More like: If you more than 30 Pornstars, you are forever alone.  (Nods my head sadly)

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