Monday, October 13, 2014

D&D movie thoughts

Lol, you know I cry if I knew Scar would beat the living shit out of me.
The D&D movie almost feels like a Boll film doesn't it? 

-D&D was that thing super groups of nerds would that played the game in the library at school and in the lunch room. While I was an outsider and a geek, I was that nerdy to play D&D. And, now I am a little jealous I didn't attempt to try it after all the Community episodes.
-Yes, I watched the first movie, and there was a sequel, and I even sat through the DVD commentary and deleted scenes. Commentary was painful, but it was not as bad as the movie. The director knew his D&D but not how to make a movie.
-Breast Plate literally: Really? The female elf literally has a breastplate with nipple indents in them. I am all for marveling at the female figure, but how does that help her in battle? Distraction?
-Dr. Who: Yep, Tom Baker actually shuffled in and did a tiny role for this movie, and I totally forgot about that. I am hoping we can connect it to the Who universe somehow.
-Snails is the worst Jar-Jar impression ever.
Check out the review where this came from.

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