Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Random Stuff (Pre-Ripped)

Random Stuff
 ~So long Chalky White and Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire: This show really likes to kill off its major characters left and right. They've been doing this a lot this season, but I was shocked to the gangster Chalky White bite the dust. This show has some good writing.  This is the last season.
 ~Teen brags about a threesome with two of teachers from high school and gets them arrested: I am starting to see more and more stories of female teachers getting it on with the male students over the years. Somehow, these teachers arranged to get together and band a jurior student. Because he bragged about it, it finally got around to the police. One teacher was 24 and the other 32. It is wrong what they did, but how the hell does this happen. If you're hot, why are dipping into the student pool? There are more than enough men out there willing to fulfill your threesome needs. Most of the teachers in my high school HATED my guts and would write me up for the most minor infraction because I was such a loner smart-ass. I couldn't have imagined a damn threesome. Heck, most of the girls my age hated me too. 
 ~Pre-ripped jeans: Why would someone buy fucked up jeans from a store? Why someone would pay money to own jeans that look like you got into a knife fight with a little person with a switchblade? Buy some normal jeans, and pay me five bucks to slash them up for ya. I saw a co-worker wearing some the other day, and I had no idea they were still a thing. Why? 
 She has ripped jeans and no shirt.  Did a giant moth attack her or a collection of smaller moths? 

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