Monday, October 20, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 3

Shawnee Park: Way in the West End. I always liked riding through this park, because it has an old fashion feel to it. It is a very big park. Most people overlook that. 

  I realize that I pass a lot of baseball fields in this park. I generally forget they are there.
Where we're going we don't need roads.

As far as I know this used to be a fountain area. However, I don't think the fountain works anymore, and there used to be fish and turtles in this thing. I didn't see any on this visit. So, yeah this sort of morphed into a shallow pond. 
Chickasaw Park: Mother-fing ducks and no mean geese. Usually there are two types of geese here. The normal goofy looking ones with the strange bills and the Canadian Geese usually hang out here. This is by the rather large pond/lake. It was filthy earlier this year, but it looks like some people really cleaned up the pond/lake. I mean it is really clean. Someone saw me taking pictures and asked me a question about fishing in the lake. I told him they did have a sign telling you NOT to do it, but that sign has since been removed and only bans people from fishing out Grass Carp. 

Waste management.  I am heading out of the West End and into southern parts of the city.  I am on Algonquin Parkway.

 You can see my evil shadow

I'm not even sure where this was taken...

Iroquois Park:  I am not sure why this photo is blurry.  This is far from the West End.  This park has some massive hills...epic.  There's one that takes you to top overlooking the city.  I didn't go to that hill because it was getting dark. 
I had to pee and brought my bike into the toilet with me.  I will do this if the restrooms are big enough (single restrooms with locking doors).  
Leaving the park and heading back to downtown and to Waterfront park.  It is starting to get dark outside.  
I'm near the CSX hump yard near U of L.  Given this is a major train yard, I shocked I didn't get to see a single train.  Usually, there are at least 3-5 trains sitting on the tracks to get clearance to go out.  I got nothing. 

Back to Downtown.

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