Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport
I usually have no faith in humanity and think we're all doomed. However, sometimes people do surprise me, and they do the right thing. This is one of those cases. This redneck attempts to bully this feminine guy, calling every gay slur in the book. And, then he starts beating the shit out of the guy for no other reason that the redneck hates gay people.
The fact so many people take this redneck down makes me feel a little better about this planet...a little. Plus, this happened in Texas, and it goes to show you not everyone hates gay people. I love the fact all these people take the redneck down. You can't reason with real bullies, because they only know violence. You sometimes have to shove back with equal power to prove a point. 
-You're a big man taking off your hoodie: Even behaving in this way can get you arrested.
-The guy in the hat tries to talk him down, but the redneck just wants to beat this guy up. He has to be drunk.
-The police need to be commended for not overreacting, but this could have gotten worst.
-Redneck Dude, how about wearing an undershirt? I am a big guy and I never leave home without an undershirt. Just in case you get jacked up, you won't show your belly flab.
-Did you catch the racial remark too?  

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