Thursday, October 09, 2014

Stephen Collins WTF?

Stephen Collins, you're done, dude
I've been following this story for a couple of days and this is really shocking and sickening. Keep in mind that Stephen Collins, a religious guy, is very important to the Star Trek Universe because he was Commander/Captain Decker in Star Trek The Motion Picture. His character plays a big part in that movie, and I've watched that movie over a hundred times. Now, that movie is basically tainted for me knowing that Collins messed around with young girls. (That's plural)
The record was leaked out detailing what Collins did. And, there have been some reactions to it. He just got shit-canned from Ted 2, thankfully. Everybody needs to put as much distance as possible from this guy, because I am sure more stuff is going to be revealed. It looks like his role had something to do with William Shatner at Comic-Con.
What is even more confusing is Collins actually attacked Jessica Biel and the magazine because she posed for the cover back in 2000 calling it “child pornography ”. That's the rain calling the river wet.

Damn, this is so f'ed up.   
Captain/Commander Decker was the character TNG based William Riker on.  True Story.  Even his position in the movie is the same.  Plus, the "past lover" story is remodeled for the Troi/Riker relationship.  

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