Friday, October 31, 2014

Ron Jones' Who Watches the Watchers?

Ron Jones' Who Watches the Watchers?
This is probably my favorite track of from Ron Jones' collection of TNG scores. I often think he's been overlooked as a composer for Trek. The score does a wonderful job of conveying an alien woman seeing an advance ship for the first time.
The entire episode is a great display into why the Federation has the Prime Directive. I don't agree with Gene's starch stance on the PD during TNG, but I still believe there is some merit to it. 
 Here's where the track is used. Such a wonderful collection of scenes.

Picard takes a big gamble by beaming the female leader on board the ship, but this is truly a Picard moment. Nuria is smartly written because she figures out that Picard isn't a god on her own. When your characters can figure out things it makes them a better characters I think. This is where I think Trek shines more than other “message” shows.
After Gene left the show, the show did a better job of conveying issues by embedding them in the story and not having the characters preach to us. The first season of TNG got a little too preachy because I think Gene didn't have to skill to pormote his views of the world through good writing and TNG suffered because of it. Once Gene started to move away from TNG, I think show got better.
We should get morals and issues through the plot and character develop not through preaching.
Here are a few more tracks

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