Saturday, November 01, 2014

Grumpy Cat trailer...

Grumpy Cat trailer...
Sigh, now Internet memes have movies. What's next, a Chocolate Rain dude movie? As someone wrote in the comments for this video, the meme is already dead given how fast memes are. Yet, we get a Lifetime movie. 
 The best part is Aubrey Plaza is playing the damn cat. Even for Plaza, she sound bored. Actually is seems like she's channeling Bill Murray from Garfield. We know how that turned out. I really like you, Plaza, but this is your Garfield/Chipmunk movie. Plaza has that grumpy thing about her...but cute grumpy and not ugly gas station attendant grumpy. I'm ugly grumpy.
I might want to wish ill will on this TV movie, but it might actually be a hit on the level of those Shark-Tornado movies. It is so bad that people will tune in to see this train wreck.

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