Monday, November 10, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~The Newsroom premiere : I really dug the premiere for the last season of this show. Sometimes, the show gets a little too preachy, but it has gotten better over the earlier season. It seems they're really going to go far with the leaked info plot. I am a little upset that they gave more time to the Reddit mishap and not to the actual bombers. Aaron Sorkin, we get it. You hate the bloggers and internet places with a passion, but they're not the ones that blew up a portion of Boston, those two assholes did.
 ~Macaulay Culkin is not dead: But damn he's not looking well either. He's only 34 years old and he's looking like he's in his early 40s. I think know he should do sequels to his kid movies, but all grown up. I'd like to see a Richie Rich movie 20 years later with a disgruntled older Richie. You know one that's being investigated for inside trading, so he goes back to his childhood self and starts buying kiddy shit again. Isn't Culkin a DJ now? Didn't Paris want to be a DJ too? 
~That James Brown documentary on cable: They didn't shy away from the darker elements of Brown's life. He was a bit crazy and mean to some of the people working for and under him. They say he didn't trust many people in his life either. And, he treated women very badly. However, they also talked about the importance he plays in the civil rights movement. Brown would play a bigger role in Michael Jackson and MC Hammer's careers too. Side Note: He and Richard Pryor both lived in whore houses. Both ended up getting in trouble with the law due to drug use. 
 ~Kevin Smith without a beard: Actually, I like it. I don't like having facial hair myself and always go clean shaven. Seeing Kevin Smith without the beard is like seeing Batman without the helmet and cape. That's like his calling card. I like it though. Plus, it shows that he's loosing the weight. He shaved off his man hair for his latest movie Yoga Hosers. BTW, Hosers comes up a misspell on my word processor.  
Perhaps, more of us geek nerd types need to go with less facial hair, it makes us look less like The Others from Lost's first and second seasons.  Or perhaps I need to go full black-man ZZ Top. 

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