Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Subway Fight

 The Subway Fight
Someone ordered a slap-chop
Yes, that was the slap heard around the world. I mean that slap was loud...almost cartoon like.
First off, I have no idea what the hell that one girl is talking about. We as black people really need to speak clearly. Every time I heard a young black man or woman speak like this, I cringe.
Second, yes, the 8-Ball jacket is played out, but maybe he's a retro-hipster type.
Third, they attack the camera guy when he jokes on them. It's okay to joke on the 8-Ball guy, but you get violent when someone jokes on you.
I also like how all the white people quickly travel to the other side of the subway car, while the black people get closer to the fight. Note to all people, when a black woman and a black man start throwing punches, leave the area like these people did. You are never going to find two groups of people that hate each as much as black men and women. For me, I'd leave the area because you know cops will just randomly start locking black people up and you don't want to get caught in the mix.
I'm against a man hitting a woman, but don't attack anybody unless you're willing to defend yourself. You didn't even know this guy and you attack him? Is that smart?
Black people, what is wrong with us today?  Both black men and women are quick to throw punches nowadays that it almost guaranteed that if you see two of us yelling there will be punches.  Not everything needs to end with a punch or a slap.  How about walking away and NOT having the last word?  It either ends with someone getting knocked out, shot or stabbed, or arrested. 

Anyway, four people got arrested for this fight. The woman that slapped 8-Ball, 8-Ball, her friend, and some dude.

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