Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cinemorgue Wiki: A very dark wiki

Everyone dies...more than once. 
There are wikis for everything out there from pornstars to GTA games and I read a lot of them. I stumbled across this one looking up some actors on Too Many Cooks and this site came up. The catch for this site is listing actors' character deaths from various media outlets.
I think it is a very neat site, because I can't always keep track of every character that dies.
Michelle Rodriguez dies a lot in her career. At this point, she should really know how to do a death scene. She is the female Sean Bean. She dies at least three-four times in the Resident Evil movies. Remember, she dies at one point and comes back as a zombie and dies again. Then, there is that sequel . She kind of dies in Fast and Furious franchise and then gets retconned into living.
Then there is that great Lost Death.
True Blood has a high amount of deaths: And, I am sure that's not including the ones where vampires have killed off large groups of people.

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