Thursday, November 13, 2014


While I liked the Family Guy Simpsons crossover better, this is still a fun little episode. I only wished the stakes were a little higher and that episode was a hour long like the Family Guy crossover. However, it is good to see the Future cast again, despite it being very limiting.
I also enjoy how Bender and Homer bond over the first half of the episode. The second half deals with the future. I think second half is the weaker portion of the script, but not by much. It is still fun. I just think the show should have been a hour long so we spent the first half hour with the major characters in the present and then the second in the future.
Now, don't get me started if this episode is in continuity with either Futurama or The Simpsons. That would take up more time than I feel I need to write here.
Overall, I loved the episode, despite the fact I felt it was a little rushed and short changed. This will probably be the last time we see the Futurama crew.
Grade: B-

-Some of the Futurama side characters die in this crossover: I guess if you're not going to make anymore episodes of Futurama, then you can do that sort of thing.
-Bender now sleeps in Homer's basement: Was that a TNG reference? There was an episode where Data's head stays underground for hundreds of years and is reattached to his current body. Bender sleeps up until the Futurama time period.
-The similarities between Bender and Homer aren't just their attitudes. Bart actually notes that Bender and Homer look exactly alike.
-Fry's dog makes a cameo appearance. What's he doing in Springfield? This episode its referencing always makes me cry. Damn you, Futurama. Fry's dog notices something before going back to waiting. We also know the dog did have a happy life end the end.
-Maggie is on the take: Maggie is always considered much smarter than she portrays herself to be. Bender's scenes with her are cute.  

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