Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Random Views

Random Views
~Got a new car a few days ago: This will be my first new car ever. It is a nice car with tinted windows. I'll give more later, but it does have a MP3 jack. I am playing some Hans Zimmer Dark Knight. I also have three months of satellite radio. I am not impressed with that one. I'm only listening to the Howard Stern stuff and that's it.  
I do miss my old car, because it was me.  It was old and near breaking down, but kept up for years and years.  Just like me.  I've come to edge of breaking down, but manage to keep rolling...somehow.  I remember taking my dog Nala, who passed away years ago, to the Vet for her check ups, and she'd get nervous sitting the backseat.  I'd try to keep her from whining by reaching back and calming her down.  So many good memories and times when I'd sit in the car having a bad day trying to keep myself from breaking down.  So long, car.
~Zimmer vs. Junkie XL: Speaking of Hans Zimmer, Zack Snyder has decided to have two composers score Batman v. Superman. And, it is an interesting approach too. Zimmer will score all the Superman stuff, because he wrote the stuff in the first movie. Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) will score the Batman stuff. I don't mind this, but I would have liked to have heard from a bigger composer. I'd like to hear a Elfman v. Zimmer. How about Michael Giacchino? Anyway, I'd like to see how this is going to work.
~Agent of Shield hotness: Is everyone on Agents of Shield really hot or what? Ming-Na Wen is just amazing to look at. I think she might be the hottest out of the group. Does she age? Chloe Bennet, damn, girl. She's mixed by the way, half white and Asian. Elizabeth Henstridge, I love that accent. It seems she's gotten more attractive this season. It might be because they've moved her away from being one of the wonder twins into a standalone character. All the dudes are good looking too, keep that in mind. Yes, I can say that.
~Gotham: This show is great. Why is it that DC/WB can make outstanding home shows/animated movie and videogames, but can't get it together for the live action movies? It seems Marvel has them beat on the live action stuff, but DC's tv shows and home movies are much better. I'm loving the Gotham show and loving the different pre-villain Batman characters. My favorite character is Donal Logue 's Bullock. He's prefect as the “I don't give a shit” detective. Jada Pinkett Smith is very good as the side mob boss. While I hate her connection to the Space Church, I've always had a thing for her since The Nutty Professor. By the way, I was almost certain this show took place in the 70s, and then someone pulled out a cell phone. Damn it, I forgot Gotham City has always been a place that mixes time periods.

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