Friday, November 14, 2014

Shirt-Gate, shit-gate? Poop Gate?

Shirt-Gate, shit-gate?
Watch the other people stare at him with total confusion. That wasn't the question she asked you, man. Is that guy smiling right next to him?
Are we now at the point when everything is offensive? 
 Oh, boy. Here we go again. It seems Dr. Matt Taylor from the Rosetta Project made more headlines than the damn project he was working on...with his choice of shirts. The shirt, which probably was a poor choice, had drawings of women in “sexy” gear and other outfits. Now, the tumblr world is flipping their shit.
I'd have a problem with this outcry if MRAs got pissed if a women wore a shirt depicting men in bondage gear. Calm down, it is just a nerd picking the wrong shirt. Maybe, he should have picked out that annoying dragon shirt instead.
Here's the best part. The person that asked him to wear the shirt was a woman. She designed and made the shirt for him for his birthday. If a nice lady made me a shirt...for free depicting steaming turds, I'd wear it. Then again, I like steaming turds. She says she does these shirts as a hobby, right now she should really consider making these things more now and make some serious cash while the Shirt-Gate thing is still hot. She seems to be taking the thing rather well.
Is the shirt proper for work or even this interview? Nope. But, I also don't think it holds people back or oppresses people. People who forcible keep a section of people out a field are to be attacked, not some scientist wearing a shirt a female friend told him to wear. My stance on these types of things has changed over the years. I think it should be noted and even discussed, but some of the venom is an overreaction.
Given Taylor's annoying tattoos, I almost thought he was walking around shirt-less and he just has bondage girls tattooed on his body. 

Should the science fields be inclusive? Yes, but you're fighting the wrong battle if you go after a guy wearing a damn shirt. I find it a bit offensive that we're talking more about his damn shirt than the Rosetta Project in the media. The spacecraft not only orbits a comet, but lands on it too. Given what I read from its wiki page.
Calm down, people.
Okay, I am done with my soapbox.

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