Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Emmanuel Lewis Interview on TV Guidance Counselor

 Here's a shout out to Ken Reid and his TV Guidance Counselor podcast interview with the 80s face of sitcoms. While I watched him on the Surreal Life a few times, I never really know how this guy behaved off screen. It appears he's a nice dude that's really open about his time on TV.
Unlike Gary Coleman, he was never bitter about his fame. If Coleman was still alive, you would never get this type of interview. I also love that Lewis is shocked by Ken's knowledge of the show. And, there was a lot of tension on the Webster show during that first season, which Lewis took to heart. But, the tension subsided and they all got along very well.
And, yes, Lewis did do that Christmas special with Mr. T.
 Lucky Bastard.  The amount of booty he got on his Webster fame alone must have been uncountable.  
 Together, these four 80s child stars form...super mega force squad.
Wasn't Mr. T on NBC and Lewis on ABC.  Usually, stars wouldn't crossover that much other than late night back then. 

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