Monday, November 10, 2014

Katie Adkins talks about her Too Many Cooks role

Katie Adkins talks about her Too Many Cooks role

Remember, she was the one that gets chased by the killer in a Shinning scene. She gets killed because her title card gives her away. And, she's a geek meaning she's one of us. Her YT channel has a lot of zombie videos...meaning she gets dressed up in zombie makeup. I am not making this up.
And, yes her cosplay moment was very nice. Hey, I am a guy. I notice these things.


MC said...

And the videos gone.

Semaj said...

yeah, I am getting that a lot with these too many cooks things. I'm going to look into this see if there are some mirrors

can't find her website either. This is very strange

Semaj said...

here's her twitter page, I m looking into why her video was deleted or removed

Anonymous said...

Video back up -- deleted accidentally

Semaj said...

Thank you, (Katie?) anon. Will change it over.

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