Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

Holy cow, this is a pretty entertaining movie with a good message. I totally overlooked this little gem of a movie when it came out, because I wasn't interested in the Lego franchise (movies or video games). However, this movie works on a kid and adult level. It was a lot of fun, and that should be the focal point of these type of movies.
Emmet Brickowski is the hero of the movie AKA the chosen one. I mean he is literally the chosen one. He's just a mundane character that goes out of his way to fit in his world. However, no one really notices him. Emmet also has the ability to make foolish inventions that make no sense. We get to see him go on his adventure with the female ninja Wyldstyle.
Like the Roger Rabbit and the Toy Story franchises, the movie presents a world where other licensed characters show up in cameo appearances. One huge cameo had me really smiling especially with its relationship with Batman. I don't want to give it away, but that was a neat little cameo from a huge franchise that I didn't see coming. (Oh, and we get a lot of DC characters thrown in for good measure.)
Speaking of Batman, he plays a rather big part in the movie, which I wasn't predicting. I thought he'd have a small part and disappear from the movie, but he's right along with the other band of heroes. He's a nice foil for the main hero, and the story goes in one direction with Batman that I didn't see coming. I thought he'd be the jerk, but he really isn't. It is a great use of a licensed character.
The writers and producers successfully weave a moral into the adventure in a clever way in the same manner as Toy Story. Imagination is important, and that's what The Lego Movie is all about. And, the final act fully explores this. Sometimes, the message is little bit too heavy-handed, but hey this is still a kid's movie.
Also, the voice acting is top-notch all around. Every voice fits the character. And, some actors reprise their “franchise” characters. Plus, the CGI models actually look like real Lego toys and sets. When water is shown, it is Lego water! Well done, WB animation.
The Lego Movie is a total surprise. The movie seems to speak to me, because I was one of those kids that probably spent more time playing with action figures and using my imagination more than going outside and meeting people. Imagination was god to me, and this movie focus in on that notion. And, I love the movie for that. While I wished the message wasn't as heavy-handed and I wished the movie showed more worlds the Lego universe, I have to give this movie props.
Grade B+  


MC said...

I think you'd like Lego Marvel Super Heroes... it makes me wish that Marvel had all its characters available for its cinematic universe, since the story the game tells would be an epic tale that, with a little editing, would have been a great couple of movies.

Semaj said...

Yeah, it is strange seeing all of Marvel's roster in those trailers. I noticed they use all their characters together in the Marvel VGs (fighting games). ( heard that Spiderman might get folded into the MCU)

I'll give those games a chance through the LPs. I know that people LOVE the SW and Indiana ones. I mean really love them.

BTW, we are getting a Lego Batman movie too, (If the Superman v Batman doesn't hurt it.)

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